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Instagram has become a huge source of revenue for most business in different fields. How your instagram looks goes a long way to influence perception of those who land on your page. Perception goes on to affect trust and trust goes on to affect sales.

These tools will help you manage an aspect of appearance for your instagram handle and that is ‘how your feed is organized’.

1. Mosaic

This is an easy to use app that only does one thing; arrange your feed.

You will have to connect your instagran account to it.

It allows you to move things back and forth it and delete easily.

Best part is that it allows you to add both images and videos

It can be a little confusing to use sometimes but , it’s still a pretty good app to use.

I love it cause of its ease to use and it is designed to only do one thing.

2. Plann

Also a really good one to use.

Plann also allows you to add images , delete and re-arrange posts.

You will also need to log in with your instagram account so that plann can work.

Also easy to use and clean.

3. Unum

Unum is very clean and something people in fashion will love.

I love it as well except , it doesn’t let you add images past a certain number.

Once you have reached your limit , you will have to pay a fee to use the tool.

Easy to use as well.

4. Planoly

Has that very clean , fashion feeling design as well.

Also , gives limited uploads as well.

Easy to use and easy to push images back and forth.

5. Apphi

A bit too complicated but , also does the work.

6. A color story

While this is an editing app , it also has an area for managing ones feed.

I haven’t really used this tool but , the feature exists.

7. Peek

I am currently using peek.

It helps with the job but , it is also very complicated and tough to manage.

I like easy to use and non- complicated apps.

8. Preview

This is one of the best apps here.

Preview is easy to use and navigate. My only issue with the app is a lack of sleekness.

I am a sucker for design.

9. In-preview

Never used this app but , the design for it in App Store was really good and catchy.

I have no idea of it works magic

10. Feedr

Tried it , loved it and keeping it.

The app is simple to use and has a fresh design to it.

It is also easy to use and navigate.

11. The Grid

Tried it the same time I was testing out feedr and just fell in love.

This app is also easy to use and does the job well. This is also the most affordable tool if you have multiple instagram accounts and want to plan your posts .

You will need to pay $3.99 every month which is pretty good . Plann follows with $5 for the basic upgrade

So far , my best from this list would be

1. Mosaic

2. Unum

3. Planoly

4. Plann

5. Preview

6. Feedr

7. The Grid

Have any contributions to the list ? Do share with the rest of the community

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