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I came across this tool from a post I was reading on medium regarding personal branding.

A huge part of personal branding is building a strong reputation and this tool helps you to do that.

I was amazed by it.

The tool will hunt for all the data on you that is available on the internet

It will give you the option of getting rid of negative ones or improving positive ones.

It goes through google, Facebook , twitter , linkedin to find anything that may affect your reputation negatively and deletes them for you

So, if there are any thing you have done that will open your nyarsh later in life, the tool will help you hide your shame.

It can help you clean up social media posts and images that could affect your personal brand.

Delete negative Google search results that could affect your personal brand,

Protect your private information on the internet

improve your Google search results to name a few.

This is how it works.

First you will be asked to input your name, make sure it is your full name.

Next, you will be asked to sign up so you can see your reputation’s situation on the internet.

Then, you are asked if you are checking for yourself or organization

After this, you have to choose what you want the tool to do for you from their listed options.

And based on what you choose, something like this will come up

If you choose to delete negative social media posts and images, a different option will come up also scanning your different social media handles.

Incredible or nah

As an employer, you can use this to make sure the head of the persons you want to hire is correct. A result list will come up like this one

This is what their pricing looks like

You can head on to the site on to help your destiny

I know there are other tools like this but, I have loved enjoying this one so far.

Was this helpful? Do you know any of such other tools?

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