New Find: This Tool Helps You Create A Personalized Email Address On Zero Naira1 min read

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I found this tool when I was hired to work on a project recently.

I haven’t used it for myself because the projects at hand are a bit much and I haven’t prioritized this but will, soon.

The best part of this tool that I enjoyed is that , it helps you create a personalized email address for free.

So, if you have always wanted to have an email address like

this is your go to tool.

It is called ZOHO.

There are lots of other features ZOHO provides some of which I might share over time.

Of all of them, this is the feature I thought a lot of us especially, those in the service industry will greatly appreciate.

You will need to have a .com name already because, for you to use this tool , there has to be some minor DNS configuration.

This isn’t that tough as you can look up ” how to create personalized mails on ZOHO” on YouTube and follow the step by step process.

Have any tools like ZOHO that helps to create personalized mails for free? Share with a sister

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  1. This is beautiful. I think I will try it out soon

    1. You should

      It’s one of the things I am currently working on for my business.

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