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With the new instagram algorithm, engagement on instagram with others has become very important.

If you decide to go awol and not engage with other people, instagram will decide that other people do not need to be engaging with you hence, a drop in your visibility.

To manage this, users have adopted “strategic commenting”.

This involves, commenting on spaces where our target audience exists, joining the conversation and using our comments to attract attention.

This works well because I have used it.

But, there are people who have said it doesn’t do anything for them even though they have been trying for weeks.

The reasons why it doesn’t work for such people could include

Bot like behavior

If you are commenting on 50 handles in 10 minutes, that is bot like behavior.

If you are appearing on instagram and commenting on 50 handles while liking the other 50 in 30 minutes, it’s unrealistic behavior and instagram will reward you with a shadowban.

Instead, apply strategic commenting like a human being.

Come online, scroll through and stop on the pages that truly connect with you to contribute.

Like only the posts that you connect with and stop going after the time spent, just do it like a normal person.

You are not contributing any real value in those spaces.

Just because you left a “Facts” or “This is amazing”, does not mean that anyone will stop on that comment.

The whole idea behind strategic commenting is to be a part of the conversation where your target audience is and connect with them there.

If you are leaving spam like comments, no one will be connected to your comment.

If you are typing the exact same comment on every post, no one is going to stop on it.

Saying : This is incredible Diamond, well done” on 10 posts is spamming.

You are not connecting with anyone.

So, let us say you have added some real value in that space  but, you are not tagging and responding to anyone.

Read the comments in  the comment section, look for comments that connect with you as a person and reply those or answer questions of people.

The point is to connect with people and add value so, make it about that; add value.

If you contribute valuable comment for people, 2 out of 10 will check out your page and follow.

Remember to avoid spam like behavior when doing this.

You Have Not Optimized your page.

Let your instagram handle match the value you have given.

What is the point in doing all that commenting when your page has no value content.

Has a poor profile picture

A poor bio and your content overall is  made up of selfies, Sunday pictures and horrible graphic designs.

People will click the follow button and even engage on your page if they are gaining value.

This is why I created the instagram course on optimizing your page,

If they are landing and your page has kwashiorkor, they will walk out how they came.

You are connecting in places that do not have your target audience

Have you ever gone through a comment section at a clothing brand and seen a motivational comment.

It is so confusing. Like, people are talking about the dress and how good it is, you are busy typing “believe in yourself”, that is just misplaced effort.

Go and look for spaces where your target customers are dwelling and connect with them there. Be a part f the conversation.

I wouldn’t go to pages like @houseofcb or @instablog9ja to post my comment, waste of energy.

You are commenting out of context.

The author of the page is talking about a family issue they had and other people are commenting on the family issue.

There you are commenting on depression, who ask you?

If you want to communicate, communicate using the topic at hand.

Talk about family issues and share your own experience.

Then, find a way to connect what you have said to what you want to say on depression.

When my brother was younger, we will be playing a song and dancing to it, he will come up to dance and his dance steps would be so off beat and off point, we ended up calling him K-life for a whole year.

Don’t be K-life; let your comments be in line with what is being talked about.

Asking for a follow or to buy your goods

This might have worked in 2010 but in 2018, it’s a NO NO.

Look, if people derived value from your comment and connected with it, they will land on your page.

Allow people to connect with you on their own.

Asking people to follow you isn’t how we grow an audience in 2019, this article will help if you are in this position.

Focus on value, the ones who will follow, will follow.

Having expectations

When you apply strategic commenting, understand that you are playing the long game.

It is so much tougher to build an audience this way and takes longer but, you build a valid audience.

Do this for the reason that you want to add value to people.

And, when you leave a comment remind yourself “ This is for 1 person that will gain value from  it”.

It’s not for 100 people, it’s for 1 and if 100 people connect with it then, great.

If not, we keep moving.

Once you start having expectations, you will be disappointed when you don’t g viral and attract 50 people at a go.

This will make you less involved in commenting, affect the value given and over-all, you will just quit.

What is the biggest problem you are having with growing an audience on instagram?

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