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3 Months ago , I had roughly 1k 5 followers who would follow and un-follow as the spirit led themπŸ™‚.

Fast forward to November of 2018 , I am about to hit 3k followers all organically grown in that , I didn’t buy one follower.

I don’t need to re-harsh the Instagram rules against buying followers, I believe that you already know that.

These points will show you exactly how I did it so you can too.

1. Shoutouts

I woke up one good morning with over 50 new followers , I didn’t run any adverts and I didn’t do anything extra-ordinary.

What happened is what I got to know when I checked my Instagram notifications.

I saw that @johnobidi , a major influencer in my industry had posted my content in his stories and tagged me πŸ™‚.

I also experienced this when @tomiebalogun posted up a quote I shared on her page and tagged me.

Shoutouts are super effective when done efficiently.

When using shoutouts

1. Ditch expectations: you could do a shoutout and the other person won’t reciprocate or say anything and that’s fine.

When you start doing things for something in return , it always stalls.

2. Make sure the people you are giving shoutouts are people that have 100% your target audience.

If they don’t have your target audience following them then, you are setting yourself up to attract people that will not derive value from what you are posting and will most likely not stick around.

What did I do to get these people to post my content and tag me?

1. I made sure to focus on high value content , content that these influencers will actually find valuable enough to share.

If it isn’t worth sharing , I don’t bother.

2. I made sure to tag them in my posts .

I stopped doing this after a while and will be resuming it.

There is a reason why comedians are always tagging celebrities in their posts? This!

It worked so well and I believe a lot more people should try it.

3. I made sure to follow , engage with them and invest in them :

Yup, I would buy their books , listen to their podcasts and watch their videos , comment on their pages and the sort.

In doing this , please make sure not to do it for an ulterior motive , people can smell fake from like a mile away.

Engage in posts you derive value from , invest with people you believe in and you connect with and gradually , your brand will grow.

Another great way to get these influencers to notice you is to give them shoutouts .

Tag them in posts you make about them where you are reviewing them.

And if you have optimized your page , the chances of them noticing you are pretty high.

2. Adverts

This is the second main way to grow your audience.

As I write this post , I haven’t been able to run adverts on my page for close to two months.

I started running adverts some 3 days ago and I have gained a growth rate of close to 100 followers.

This is super key for me because , running adverts puts you right in front of your target audience.

It puts you right in front of the people who are interested in what you are offering.

This means that as long as you are creating valuable content , these aren’t the people who will come and go as the spirit leads them.

If you want your adverts to convert , invest in content development.

The reason why my adverts can convert so well is that , my content is valuable.

If you are a brand and your pictures or video are πŸ™„πŸ™„, no reason for anyone to follow your brand.

If you are a brand and your value content is πŸ™„πŸ™„, still no reason for someone to follow.

Don’t have a lot of money to run adverts , that’s still fine.

I budgeted 3,000 NAIRA to run the ads that have birthed a good 100% return in investment for me.

You can achieve advertising on a budget by promoting your adverts for smaller days with smaller budgets.

When setting up your advert , you can select $2 per day and choose two days only.

$2 in NAIRA is N720 so , two days is essentially N1,440. I can do this for three posts.

Before you start running your adverts, make sure to set am advert limit on Facebook.

I have come to learn that, if you don’t do this, your adverts can run over and leave you $25 in debt fast.

Read this article to see how to set advert limits for Facebook and instagram

Another thing that I often do is , when a post has run for a while and I can see it has birthed results, I will go in and pause the promotion.

This is very helpful in managing your budget and advertising online .

This is exactly how I run my ads effectively on a budget.

3. Hashtags

Once upon a time , hashtags were a very very useful tool in growing ones Instagram audience.

In this time , hashtags are still as effective but in giving your brand exposure to people that could be your target market.

Of the 10 people that will follow you from hashtags , only 2 could stick around for a long time because most of them are looking for a follow back.

Hashtags are great at giving brands sustained exposure.

For example , when I was off Instagram for 3 weeks , I didn’t have a drop in the number of my followers not because I wasn’t loosing followers daily

Hashtags protected my account as people were still finding me from those hashtags.

This is an article that will explain everything you need to know about hashtags and how to apply them effectively.

4. Strategic commenting.

This is another very very effective way to grow your following on social media.

Find places where your target customers are located online, go and connect with them by following those handles and contributing to the conversation in the comment section.

Then, connecting with others by tagging and sharing your own point of view.

Strategic commenting is super helpful when it comes to helping brands build an audience and not just any audience , a very very valid one.

Try this , find 3 Instagram handles or whatever social media handle your target customers are gathered at a lot.

Follow them and then , whenever they post something that you can contribute on , share your own point of view.

After doing this , tag 10 other people who you connect with what they have said and share your point or validate theirs.

Do this for the next 7 days and watch what happens.

The best part is that , when you actually leave valuable comments in the comment section , 2/3-10 people could see it.

And, if they are your target audience , they will land on your page and of course , follow you from there.

This is also one of the things that helped me grow my audience a lot.

I still comment on handles like @naijastartups @diaryofanaijagirl to name a few handles I love , follow and who house my target audience πŸ™‚.

It is also the most under-used because most of us like to play ” super busy “.

If you are one of those who is ” super busy “, dedicate one hour everyday before going to bed to doing this.

The most important tip I will leave with your for this is DON’T FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME, FOCUS ON THE PROCESS .

If you start counting how many new followers after every move , you won’t be able to go very far .

Instead , focus on providing value , engaging with people and view everything as a learning process.

What are some things you have tried and tested that worked really well to help you grow your audience ?

Did you find this valuable?

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