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The information we feed our minds with is so key for our personal development, career, business and even relationship development.

Podcasts have been a great source of powerful information for me. On the mornings when I don’t read a book or cannot meditate, I podcast and journal.

The podcasts I list here are the ones that have greatly impacted my life and have been so helpful for my personal development.

1. The Life Coach School Podcast

This is the best podcast I have ever ever ever listened to.

Brooke Castro, I like to call her my coach is amazing. I do not one but regret coming in contact with Brooke.

I have listened to over 34 episodes of her podcast and I am hooked. It’s like everytime I am dealing with something major and personal, Brooke is here to help.

Brooke is the founder of the life coach school, weight loss and personal development coach and all round badass.

One of my big life goals is to hire Brooke as my personal coach cause she is incredible.

2. Success how I did it.

This podcast from business insider is a great podcast for those of us who want to build very successful businesses in the future.

On the podcast, different successful people in business are brought on and interviewed.

I have listened to interviews of Garyvee, Marie Forleo, Barbara Coccoran to name a few people I find absolutely incredible.

It isn’t just the fact that they interview people that I love, it is how they do it. They make it so these people can talk in more detail than they would like to and answer some really tough questions we ask without us having to ask.

3. Oprah’s Masterclass

This podcast has a few episodes but, I enjoyed every minute.

Aside from the fact that I loooooove Oprah, I love the show because you can hear the human-ness from the people being interviewed and from Oprah herself.

I also love how key points are highlighted through the interview as it goes on

Oprah’s Masterclass is different because she interviews celebrities but, instead of asking surface questions, she asks questions that cut to deep parts of our soul.

4. Marketing School By Neil Patel & Eric Siu

This is one of the shortest podcasts I listen to and it is so helpful.

The podcast shares hacks and tips for people like me who own websites and want to build their traffic or just make more money/

The marketing school is hosted by Neil Patel who is the founder of and Eric

Everything from marketing to email lists are discussed on the channel.

5. The Dave Ramsey Show

This is a call-in-show about money and I am obsessed!!!

When I first heard Dave, I laughed so hard at the title of one of his podcasts “don’t oops your way into student loan” .

I then listened to the podcast and I laughed even more. Trust me, the intro will crack you up.

Gaining financial freedom is a huge goal for me this year and when I ran into his podcast, I was grateful for it.

5 Foundr:

Love the foundr podcast.

The details shared are amazing. I just read the transcript from one of the interviews with Neil Patel and I was so excited listening.

I felt like I connected with Neil better than before as he shared how he started ( at age 16 ).

6. The MFCEO project by Andy Frisella

This is the podcast I go to when I need some boost.

Andy Frisella is the founder of 1st Phorm, a weight loss company.

He has managed to build a very successful business and shares extensively regarding personal development and business growth as well

The main thing I love about Andy is his no-nonsense, straight to the point, Garyvee style of communication.

These are the podcast that have helped me a ton

What podcasts are you listening to or podcasts that have helped you?

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