How I grew my email list from 0-400 members in 4 months.3 min read

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I know it isn’t 1000 members or a very huge number but, I am so proud of this number.

All the people on my email list got there by themselves.

Why is building an email list so important?

If you have 30k followers on Instagram, why do you need an email list

You do not own that platform

That is the reason you need an email list

If Instagram decides to change their algorithm ( like they already did), you could loose your visibility to your 30k followers.

If they decide to ban or disable your account, you will loose your 30k followers just like that.

Having an email list makes it easy for you to have control over your audience.

It also makes it easy for you to keep your audience safe where no one can wake up and delete them.

How Then Do You Grow your email list because those 30k or 3k followers will not flood to your email list if you just asked them.

Step 1: Make it clear who you want to be on that list.

There is no point building an email list with people who aren’t interested in what you are offering as a business.

You need to define who your target audience is and, those are the people that you put on your list.


Your email open rate , link clicks and sales from email blasts will be highly negatively affected if you have the wrong people.

Step 2: Come up with 5 different lead magnets you feel your target audience will be interested in.

It is important that you understand your target audience and what they value when deciding this.

The reason I point out to come up with 5 different lead magnet is this.

There is a 100% chance that what you think your target audience will value isn’t what they will end up valuing.

This means that no one will sign up.

If you have 5 different lead magnets, you have options which will enable step 3.

Step 3: Measure to see what works.

With the 5 lead magnets, you can focus on which one works the most and which doesn’t.

For example, when I first started, I had the bookclub, App photography toolkit, 90 Content ideas sheet list, video tutorial for creating a converting sales funnel and a newsletter.

These were all bringing in leads for me but, I learnt people genuinely enjoy books and the bookclub birthed so many leads in such a short period time.

I now know boolcubs work well for generating leads especially, when the books offered aren’t commonly found.

Step 4: Amplify your lead magnet

Every now and then, I advertise my lead magnet.

I put them on my landing page which I use via link in social media bio. That way, people see it.

I also amplify them by creating high value content.

In fact, for me, creating high value content and sharing it for your target audience is super important.

It will make it easier for people to trust you.

If they trust you, they will trust that what they get when they will sign up is a high value tool .

These are the steps I have taken to grow my own email list.

I will share more lessons as I go.

Which of these points do you have the most difficulty with?

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