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I did a live video on Instagram the day before yesterday where I shared 10 reasons why I Sucked at selling for years.

Please, do understand that I am not a sales expert but, I have been able to meet my sales target more than once and beat it.

One of the ways I have done this is through advertising and mainly in-bound marketing.

I have run online ads but, 9 out of 10 of my sales came from people just reading my content, gaining value and choosing to pay.

And yes, I did have to advertise to those people

So, what are these lessons that have made it easy for me to convince these people to pay me a dime for anything?

1.Advertising Is Not About Convincing Anyone To Do Shit, Advertising Is About Helping People

The customer isn’t a moron, she is your wife- David Ogilvy

Trying to convince someone to do something indicates that you want this person to take action on something even if they are relenting

It means that you are more interested in them doing what you want than what they want.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially when what you want the person to do will benefit them.

But, when it comes to advertising, we “try to convince people” because we want to “meet a sales target” “sell our product” “make money”.

Very rarely is our true objective to help a person

We so often forget this because most of the time our products and businesses were not created to help people in the first place.

We were passionate about something and decided to build a business out of it.

Now, we want money for it to validate all our hardwork 🙂.

Unfortunately, people will not buy from you because you have worked your ass off.

People will buy from you because your product helps them in a way they find valuable.

Don’t try to convince people your product is the all and all of anything.

Instead do this next thing in point 2.

2.Make your adverts about ” does ” than “is”

Every customers favorite radio station is WII-FM, ” what’s in it for me “- Brian Tracy

Instead of trying to convince people, focus on highlighting the benefits your product will have for them

No one cares that the bag you are selling is made with non-rusty zips, has 20 pockets and 3 adjustable hands.

Everyone cares that the bag will last so it won’t tear after a week.

Everyone cares that it is arried by very few people and will not become national anthem

Everyone cares that the leather is original so they can carry for ages and no story

Read this caption for my video Shooting And Editing Masterclass.

At no point do I focus on the features of my target customers mobile phone that makes it great for pictures

At no point do I tell them the class will be taught in a great environment so it is going to be crystal clear or that I am using an iphone 6 so clear video.

Everything I emphasized shows the target customers benefits first.

3. Identify The Needs Of Your Target Customer And Use That to Create Advertising Content

Before you start creating your advert and writing your caption, make sure you understand what your target customers need from a product like your own.

For example, theses are the things people that want to learn how to shoot videos on their phone need from a class like that

  • Actual Value: the most important is they get their money’s worth
  • The need to reduce cost or acquire a skill
  • Access and flexible timing: they want to make sure they can access the videos even after the class and the time for the class works well for them
  • Ability to ask questions: they want to able to ask a question and you answer in a way that they will not get on YouTube
  • Lessons work on android and iPhone: not just one or the others
  • Gears needed to apply lessons are not super expensive
  • Lessons are easy to apply and understand: no one likes complicated
  • Ability to apply what they learn for their business or in way that benefits them

I can keep going.

These things become a key part of my copy for my adverts and, they help me create a product they will love.

When business owners do not understand the needs of their target customers in respect to their product or service, you see things like

” Highest quality in the market”

“Best price ever for this product”

These are so over-used, no one cares.

How can you find out what people need from your kind of product?

  • Google the challenges with your industry.
  • Create a survey in which you ask your target audience to rate 10 benefits of your product or service according to level of importance ( those who take the survey get 20% discount when the product is released)
  • Call up some members of your target audience you know and ask them
  • Ask people in your stories
  • Send 50 people who you think are your target audience a DM on Instagram or an email in which you state ” We are creating a product or service that will help you do …but , we don’t know what features our target customers would like. Out of these 10 features, is there any you want ? If not, can you suggest a feature for us? “
  • Create a video telling people what you want to do and why. Then, ask them to tell you in the comments section what they want from such a product in terms of features. Run this as an advert

These are all some very effective ways to find out what your target customers need

You will be surprised how doing this one thing will grossly increase the results from your advertising.

4. Show up more than once

I shared the story of my lesson with this in the live video on instagram

People will not start taking action from the first minute you launch your advert

There is a reason why Facebook built in reach and frequency when it comes to their adverts

People need to see your advert more than once

Before you even start running your advert on anywhere, do this

Create a draft for 3-5 campaigns that you will use

Then, create those campaigns

This is a screenshot of my draft for the video shooting and editing Masterclass before it even went live

The reason doing this is so important is this

When you first launch your advert, the first day, no one or one to two persons ill take action.

By the second day you might start feeling down and when feeling down, we loose motivation to keep pushing

Having the advert content already set will just make it easier to keep showing up

Another thing to do is, space out how many days between adverts

Also, publish it in different forms

Notice how my advert ideas are all different?

The captions ( copy ) will also be very different with each

The reason for doing this is to

  • Appeal to different people
  • Highlight the different needs as you cannot highlight them all in one video.

This will lead me to my next point

5. Keep It Simple

If you try to highlight every benefit in one advertising content, people will loose interest

Make each one about 1-3 things at most and, always tie them together

Let your customers hear what you are saying and they cannot hear it if you are saying too many things at the same time

Another aspect to keeping it simple is ” Use simple, easy to understand English.

” I don’t know the rules of grammar but, if you’re trying to persuade people to do something or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language”- David Ogilvy

No need for jargons to impress people

Your job in advertising isn’t to make people think ” He is so smart” or ” She know BOOK”

Your job is to clearly communicate the value your product or service offers your target customer in a way that they understand you

Instead of saying ” Shop Monochramatic Luxe Durable bags” just say ” Shop black and white luxury bags that will last for years”.

6. Following up works wonders

People forget

People have to decide

People need their friends to help decide

Next time someone replies with “Okay” or ” I will get back to you” or ” Thank You”, it doesn’t necessarily mean ” I don’t want to buy”.

Instead, look at it as

” I need some time to decide”

” I need to save the money fast and pay”

I need to ask friends and family what they think”

When we don’t follow-up, we make it easy for people to forget us or, never really see why they should buy.

Understand that your customers get the right to do this

This doesn’t mean become an annoying pest

You can follow up without being annoying.

For example, you can

  • Send a reminder message 4 days to the course deadline and 24 hours to a deadline instead of everyday
  • Send helpful informative articles without asking for a sale once or twice a week
  • Alert people of discounts and deadlines for those discounts when it starts and towards the end
  • Alert role of new products

The point is follow-up in a way that delights versus annoys and always follow up

Read this chat between me and a customer

If I didn’t follow-up, she wouldn’t have paid cause she forgot

7. Never use “Interested”, always emphasize action.

You know how people say ” if you are interested in this product, go to the link in my bio”

That is such a horrible advertising copy

What you are doing is making your product or service optional

You are saying ” my product is optional, you don’t need it and you can get it else where “.

You are building room for your target customer to decide a ” NO” versus consider benefits

Imagine if apple said in an advertising copy ” This phone is $1,000 and if you are interested, please go to an Apple Store to order “

Who is interested in loosing $1,000

Instead, they emphasize value and action

Instead of saying ” Interested” , Roll out benefits and then say ” go to…and register now ” ” send a DM now to join the…” click The Link in Bio to buy now”

Always provide a call to action in your advertising copy

Don’t make your product optional, make it necessary

8. You do need a USP (Unique selling point) and ” affordable pricing” is not one.

I think affordable pricing is a feature now and not a uniqueness selling point

9 out of 10 adverts list it as what their product offers and most small business owners actually make it a USP when advertising.

If everyone has it, it is no longer ” unique”.

Look at this advert below by Apple

See how they list their USP in one sentence?

Your USP is simply what makes a product or service different from the others

To find your USP, you need to deeply research your product or service.

My USP for the video shooting and editing master class is ” Create 11 different types of high quality video on your phone only “

Anyone can say ” high quality video” ” best pricing”.

I could also say ” Learn how to create 11 different types of high quality video using your phone in one hour”

Notice again that my USPs are highlights of actual benefits

9.Trust is a sales eating beast and a sales producing beast

These people who registered for the classes and buy my courses make that decision because they believe I can do what I have said I can do


Because i have shown them that I can do it.

I have created a ton of valuable content and made 95% of them free

They have read my blog posts and derived value from them

I have shared DIY videos and they gained value from them

They believe I can deliver because they have seen me deliver.

Build brand trust by

  • Creating high value content and giving it away for free
  • Answering questions your target customers have about situations in an industry
  • Solving problems for your target customers in your industry

If you solve people’s problems, most will find it easier to believe when you say you can help them with other things

And, selling to someone you have helped is easier than to someone who doesn’t know you

Another way to build trust is reviews

When I shared this review below on my Instagram stories, do you know how many people made an inquiry to make a purchase?

Do you know how many people paid for the class that day?

In advertising, reviews help to show people how your product or service has been effectively helping others

Asides from reviews and content, a great way to build trust is by using videos and putting more of yourself out there for people to see

I spoke to my sister about the impact of live videos and she after holding back decided to do a Q & A live video.

She sold two e-books after that live

She said one of the people who bought has been on her page for months

People buy from people and when you put more of yourself out there, people can see who you are and connect with you.

10.Emotional advertising is the best kind of advertising

When you become clear on what your target customers needs are, create advert videos where you highlight the pain from that need not being met

Show the difficulty experienced by not meeting that need

Then, share the feeling experienced when that need is served

Another way to apply emotional advertising so well is to apply story telling

Watch this Erste campaign

” First Christmas”- Erste

They told a story and it felt good and you connected with it

Another example, this Nike advert focuses on the feeling associated with achieveing ones goal and doing the impossible

Through out the advert, our feelings are heightened

DID you feel a certain way with the Serena Williams part ?

I know I felt like It will all pay off one day, I felt powerful

Now, Nike has made themselves a part of that emotion

when I think of this feeling like I did when writing this article, I think of Nike

Go a little further with your advertising

Make advertising content that connects your product to a strong emotion people have : grief , loss, pain , love, achievement and the sort

When they think of that emotion, they remember you.

11. Make sure you get your target customers right

If the people you are advertising to are not your target customers, they will never see the value in what you are offering.

I share 20 questions to help you describe your target audience in thestartupreport magazine.

Another thing to consider when you are advertising is that, different members of your target audience want different things.

If you are targeting businesses, your target audiences will then include administrators at those businesses, sales people, and the sort.

How you advertise to one is not how you advertise to others.

A sales person is more interested in more sales

A CEO is interested in increased bottom lines, more revenue and reduced costs.

Break down your target audience well enough to know who you are advertising to

And build an advert based on the need of the persons job within the company

12. Urgency works wonders

When people know that they stand to lose something if they do not take action, it helps reduce the “thinking time”.

You can make this clear in your copy.

Point out a deadline with registration , a deadline to buy and get it at an early bird price, a deadline to join and gain certain extra add-ons.

Make sure that the deadline is accompanied by something they value.

I personally go straight to shutting down my classes after a while.

In this case, FOMO helps people ake their buying decision faster

13. Variables help to increase reveneue, perceived value and eliminate bargaining

Creating variables for people to select from when it comes to payment helps to reduce the number of people that will come to “price”.

Have 2 -3 tier pricing and different levels of value for ach tier.

I have noticed that 99% of people in a 2 tier pricing system, go for the higher priced one if it is packed with way more v alue than  the basic on e.

Furthermore, avoid giving your target customers too many choices.

I suggest 2-3 tier options

Too many options makes the target customer over-whelmed and in the end, most will not make a buying decision.

Simple always wins

13. Those that will buy, will buy

Do not stress out when you did not see a sales inquiry in time to reply.

Replying fast to intending customers helps a ton but, if someone wants to buy from you, I have learnt that they will.

I hope this has been very helpful and eye opening.

Have a question, 👇🏾👇🏾

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