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These are all valentines day marketing ideas you can apply to grow your sales, gain more eye balls for your business, generate more leads.

The good thing about these Valentine’s Day marketing ideas is that, you can set them up in less than 72 hours

A tip to make these more effective is to start running your Valentine’s day marketing ideas a week to valentines day

The marketing ideas include

1. Highlight Products in Valentines Day Colours

Red and pink coloured products are what we are referring to here

@houseofcb started posting these images earlier these week on Instagram

Notice the product colours they have been highlighting

Also. notice they started posting weeks to valentines day

2. Create packaging For Valentines Day

Don’t have any products in red or pink, get creative with packaging ideas in those colours

People can buy your product and, choose a valentines day box to pack it in

3. Create a Valentines Day Gift Package

You know some of your products that compliment each other

Bundle them together and create valentines day bundle package

People can buy a package at a discount rate

Also, these bundle packages can be marketed as “gift ideas”.

4. Create an Emotional Marketing Campaign Around Valentines Day

I hope the members of my video shooting and editing master class are working on this for their business

Big companies often create adverts around different major festivities.

Do you know that you can google Top 10 super bowl adverts or top 10 Christmas adverts and options will come up

Examples of such videos

You can create an amazing video using just your phone

get creative

5. Create a “share the love ” campaign

In this case, you offer discount rates as huge as 35-70%

Then, you ask your target customers to invite a friend whom they can share it with

So, your customer can only enjoy a 30% off if they invite a friend to enjoy it with them

Their friend also gets whatever discount you are offering. If its 30%, they both get 30%

6. Send out a valentines day gift guide to your target customers

One of the things people struggle with is what to get their partners for valentines day

Putting a helpful guide together not only provides immense value but, if you do connect it to your business, it can lead to sales

When doing this, don’t make it about just the products you sell

Give real value and gift ideas

Then, if you do have any items that are on your guide, you can

  • Cite them in the gift guide as you write
  • Create a call to action area where you write at the end of the post ” Shop pur valentines day gift packages”

If people gained a ton of value, they are most likely to click

This is a form of valentines day value content that turns to sales

7. Create an event for the singles

For example, a party themed ” Pretty Galentine ” or ” Bachelors Lounge” or something could attract your single target customers for a live event

The whole point is to celebrate the love singles have in their lives even though it isn’t a romantic one

And, for your brand to recognize single members of your audience

8. Create a ” share your valentine story” themed contest

You could ask people to state the worst gift they were ever given for Valentines day

Their “how we met” stories or ” worst date ever ” stories

And then, set a price for the best story

This has to be a really good price or people will not be motivated to spill anything

9. Create a ” Me & My valentine ” selfie hashtag contest

In this case, ask people to take a selfie with their valentine and tell a short story about their relationship

The aim being to win something tangible

Make it clear that their Valentine can be anyone or everyone or, single or not all can participate

10. Pick a charity to partner with

Share a percentage of salesp for valentines week with a charity you are passionate about

You could choose to partner with a charity for rape victims, hunger, malaria, children with cancer, widows and widowers

If your target customers see how passionate you are and how their their contribution can make a real difference, you can attract sales while doing good

The shoe company, TOMS has built a whole business around this

11. Partner with another business to come up with a valtines day discount

If they can use a code to get 30% off from both brands

This brings your business new eyes as you and your partner exchange audience

12. Launch a personality quiz as a lead magnet

Make sure when advertising this quiz, you still target your target customers

The quiz could be a ” who should be your valentine” quiz

Or are you ready for love quiz or which celebrity depicts your perfect match or know your love language quiz

People can take the test and then, they need to submit their emails to view results

You can also make it shareable and, if the quiz is really good, people will want to share

13. Do a luxe dinner night giveaway

Make it clear that anyone who wins can bring anyone they want as as their valentine

It could be their mom or best friend or Dad or spouse

Add a contest and make this for your actual existing customers or who people buy something two weeks into Valentine’s Day

15. Create a piece of value content or more around Valentine’s Day

This article is an example of mine

A fashion brand can show different outfits and how to style them

A graphic designer can show how to create cool Valentine’s Day graphics for marketing

The whole point is to build value around Valentine’s Day or the concept of it

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