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You know how the entire concept of pricing can become really confusing

Especially for a newbie entrepreneur or someone who is still in the ” figuring out phase”

These calculators help to make pricing less confusing


Their name is weird but, the calculator is really good

They have a wide range of calculators for different things but, I focused on linking to business related content only

You can calculate everything from profit margin, price, markup, gross margin, discount just to name a few all in one place

If you are pricing your products and you are not taking your profit margin into consideration

You may be making sales but, your business isn’t financially healthy

KopywritingKourse Calculator

I love love this calculator

This helps you to see your financial goal in plain achieveable stats

The calculator shows you how many items of your product you will need to sell and the exact price to sell them for you to reach your sales goal

This pricing calculator is great not just for pricing but for properly planning your business

Business Startup Cost Calculator

This calculator blew my mind

This is for anyone who wants to start a business or take their business offline

It helps you calculate everything from cost of furniture and rent to stationeries just to name a few

It is incredible

Handcrafts Pricing Calculator By Adrianne Elayne

This is for people that sell items which they make themselves

People that create things like beads, frames, corsets , hats and the sort

In fact, if you create any hand made product for sale, this calculator is for you

It will take into consideration the time for creating your product alongside other details

Tap on “jump to calculator ” when you follow the link


This website has a comprehensive list of calculators

Not all business related but a bunch are very helpful and super easy to use

My best calculators are amortization calculator, Depreciation calculator , margin calculator

Their life expectancy calculator got me really curious

Buzz Time Food & Beverage Calculator

This calculator is for those in the food business

You can build out your entire menu using this calculator and ensuring you stay profitable

It will ask for your details around inventory and revenue to name a few things

If you don’t understand anything they ask you to fill, scroll down and you will see the full meaning of each term

Bev Spot Drink Price Calculator

This is used to calculate the price of drinks

If you own a bar or you run a business around juices, smoothies and ice cream, you will love this tool

It asks you for ingredients and , it allows you calculate price of drink for each drink you serve

Per Hour Charge Calculator By QueensLand

I didn’t see a lot of calculators for those of us in the service business

This calculator was pretty fair and accurate

It will tell you exactly how much to charge based on the number of hours you put in amongst other things they ask for

Profit Margin Calculator By Shopify

If you just want a quick in and out calculator to make sure the price you want to use is not accompanied by a poor profit margin, this is the pricing calculator for you

Easy to use , simple website design

The calculator will give you your sales price, profit margin and gross margin all by using the cost of your item and markup

Markup here means the amount you want to add on the product or service

Web FX website design calculator

This calculator is for those of us in the website design and development business

The tool is so good as they will ask you to input things like number of pages for the website , level of design , CSS configuration level , e-commerce feature and level for it to name a few

I personally love this website calculator

When using it , simply tap on a spot where you have the circle that looks like it should be dragged

Launchgrowjoy’s pricing calculator

This is a very basic calculator for people in retail

It gives you the price to set for your products and is as fast and easy to use as shopify’s tool

Scroll to the bottom of the page via the link to see the calculator

Have any questions or challenges while using the tools, drop your questions here and I will answer them

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