How To Comment 10 Times Faster On Instagram: New Find1 min read

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You know how strategic commenting can be tiresome

I myself have had Instagram drop my visibility because I don’t always have the time and the energy to be leaving comments on IG

Sometimes, a girl just wants to Instagram and chill

This feature makes that easy

Basically, all you need to do is

  1. Turn on the microphone inside your Instagram handle
  2. Now, say what you want to comment
  3. When you are done, do some slight editing and bam, comment is done

This is where the microphone is located in your Instagram app

If you want it to work well, you have to

  1. Speak audibly and clearly . No bedroom voice method here
  2. You have to clearly pronounce words: when I call “This” “These” by mistake, the tool will transcribe what it heard.
  3. But, it hears better than Siri
  4. Edit after talking because, some mistakes will be made

All in all, this isn’t a perfect tool but, it makes the work easier.

I cannot be the only one that has this ” time to do strategic commenting and type plenty ” no dey challenge

Is it just me?

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