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I am a huge fan of this “without code” wave that is coming up.

In the next 10 to 20 years, website development will no longer be such a fancy thing.

It will just be like whipping up a wordpress site.

Now, this article is really important for people who want to learn a new skill like app development or software development but, do not have the years to sit and learn coding.

I swear, I have tried to learn how to code and I just zoomed out after the first three hours because learning how to code on the internet doesn’t work for me.

Plus, learning how to code takes at least 6 months of practice and my patience hasn’t gotten to this level yet for coding.

Please, note that to get the most out of these tools, you have to

Use a laptop even though some of them offer mobile compatibility but, it works better on a laptop

You have to take the tutorials. Especially for those that have one hour detailed tutorials

You have to take pictures of the tutorials as it is happening. When you start working, you will find it difficult to access most of their tutorials when confused

So, what do you do if you want to learn this app development skill but coding just isn’t your cup of tea?

You use any of these platforms to get started with your software or app.


As I write this article, I spent most of my Sunday night trying it out as I like to test out things before I start offering it to people.

I love how easy it is to use. Their home page took a little longer to load but, love it.

I also love the design. It isn’t super complicated to guess what is what.

Their instructions when teaching you how to use the tool is 70% helpful in getting you started but, when I wanted to create more in-depth work beyond a quote web app, I had some difficulty.

I had to send an email asking for help.

The thing to know about this tool is that it is free to use

Also, you cannot build an iOS or android app with this, only a web app.

I also had serious issues locating the preview area for the app I was creating but, I hope to get answers from their support team

It took them close to 10 hours to reply my mail and when I replied, they disappeared.


It is a good tool to use and, you can build an iOS or android apps that people can download.

It also comes with features like in-app payments and other features which most other tools do not offer.

The things I do not love about this platform include:

Difficulty with navigation because, there is zero tutorial within the app to help.

The video tutorial by the side of the site for me is a joke.

I think it is more like an advert than a tutorial.

I also feel like the overall design of the tool is not so pretty

The platform just doesn’t give me that sleek feeling and from the things I have read about this app, the design of the apps created is also “not apple standard”

A key thing I like about the app asides all its plenty features is that, the app allows you to preview your work after you are done.

You can actually see what your app looks like as you are adding and tweaking features.

While using this tool, know that for their free version, you will have ads running on your app.

Another thing I like about this all is that, you can create more complex apps using appypie than the others


Love this tool as well and would have ranked it number 1 except, I am looking for something that will just work super quick and give me an app.

This tool though is for creating software generally, not just an app.

I like to describe bubble as a coding language of its own because, it is.

The tutorial is detailed and runs for at-least 2 hours but, the platform is still pretty complicated.

The beautiful thing about this space also is that, you can build more enhanced software using this tool than the others I mentioned.

When I am ready to take this skill seriously which should be a few months from now, this tool is on my list.

It is free, very high quality and does what it says it does.


I think of all these tools mentioned, Appygen is the only one that truly understands the idea of “saving time”.

The tool makes it possible for you to create an app in less than 30 minutes by simply using templates and then, asking you to input the content for your app.

It also lets you monetize your app.

AppyGen is only for android app creators though and for basic game app development.

These are the problems I have with Appygen

  1. They have extremely limited number of themes. Even their premium template collection is very limited.
  2. You can only use this for very basic app creation. For example, to create apps around live wallpapers and the sort but, nothing too serious.
  3. You cannot publish your app without fixing your ad settings. This means that ads must flow through your app.

They also have basic tutorial but, the way the platform is designed, you will not need any tutorial

It is super easy to navigate

All in all, I will rank this tool a good 5/10


So, I haven’t really gone into full use of this tool.

I tried using it but, it was a bit too slow for me and glitchy.

I had to apply some patience to get anywhere with it and then started really liking it.

It has simple to understand names for the features one can add to their pages.

For example, I see “Create Page” Versus some over serious name I have to think twice about to make meaning of.

I also love the design of this tool. It works like a breeze.

The tool provides up to 20 templates to pick from for free and it is free to use for beginners.

You have total control over your design and, you do not have to add ads if you don’t want it.

Another thing I do not like about the tool is that, they tell you to download their app from app store to preview your work.

I haven’t really enjoyed the web app and they are asking for me to spend my MB, that part annoyed me.

All in all, 4/10 because I didn’t get anywhere fast but, maybe it was my data that got in the way or my impatience.

You should try it out.

I love the fact that we are living in a world where Canva has made graphic design so easy,

WordPress has made building a blog like drinking water and Shopify has made creating a store easy to do over a coffe break.

I cannot wait to live in a world where I can build an app in less than 30 minutes and publish it with high functionality and zero code.

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