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Sometimes after working your ass off to shoot and edit your video on your mobile phone

The app company you used to edit the video will decide you have to pay them a steep amount to use their tool

This article will help you manage the watermark situation until your pocket can allow you to pay

They aren’t super effective methods but, they do the trick

You will need to watch this in video form after reading the article if you want to really see how it’s done or, go straight to the video to watch it here

1. Use A White Layer

To apply this method, you will first need to change your video background to a white background

If you have ever seen those garyvee videos on Instagram or videos generally where there is a heading and subtitle then, this is what I am talking about

The best tool to use in doing this for me is the app called OVER

It is a graphic design tool like canva and desygner but, it has a functionality that makes it easy for you to place a video on a white background or any background colour

For android users, over doesn’t work very well so, you will have to use the app called INSHOT

The most effective way to do this is to shoot your video on a background that matches the background colour you want to use

This way, when you place it on a background in over, it will not look so odd

Please Follow This Link To Watch How To Do This

To achieve this, you need an efficient video crop tool to use

On iPhone, I find that the best video crop tool is videocrop and this is the logo below

On android, I use crop and trimvideo app, logo below

To do this, all you need to do is import the video into the cropping tool

Move the cropping line to the area in the video with the watermark and crop from there

Export the video and that’s it, the video is cropped

Not everyone likes this method as it takes away some length off your video but, if it doesn’t crop any objects in your video, you are good to go

If you want to use the cropping method, learn to shoot videos with some distance from the camera versus too close to the camera

Follow this link to watch this video and see how I use this method to remove watermark

This is another method to use when the watermark is placed directly in the middle of the video like shutterstock and videoblocks do

To do this, I use the tool KineMaster

Import the video into KineMaster

Tap on the “layer” tool

and then, tap on “effects”

Once done, tap on basic effects

And then, tap on “Gaussian Blur”

This should come up that looks like a box of blurriness

Move it to become small and fit where you have the watermark

You can increase the blur strength by tapping on the blurred out area, the box will be highlighted

And then, tapping on settings which will show up on the right hand side

And then move the circle to a strength you want

You have to keep adding the blur tool and in small blocks so it isn’t so obvious in the video

It isn’t the most effective but, it gets the job done

Follow this link to watch me remove watermark in a video using this method

4. Place your own watermark on it

You do this by simply replacing the watermark with your own watermark

The tool I use to do this is called Videoleap on iPhone

You can do thesame thing by using KineMaster for android

This is the logo if you want to download it

On android, you can use KineMaster

To do this , import the video into videoleap

Then, tap on “text” and type the text you want

After this, go to “background”

You don’t have to go back, just scroll to the right on the lower part of your screen and tap on “background”

Pick a colour you want to use that fits with your video

Then, scroll to “Opacity” also at the bottom right of the screen and set the background to the colour strength that is dark enough to hide the watermark

You can set it as dark as you want

Once you do this, the watermark will disappear

Follow this link to see how I do it

5. Use more enhanced tools like Gilisoft and Adobe after effects

I don’t know how to do this yet because I haven’t bought any of these tools

Gilisoft offers a free trial that you could use

Maybe download the tool as many times as you can to use it if you prefer

I also don’t know how efficient it is but, there are lots of youtube videos on it

Also, adobe after effects is used by some people

This is a YouTube video that teaches you how to remove watermarks using adobe after effect

Afterffects goes for about $9 a month or $7 but it is very effective and has been reviewed by people

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