How To Pay For Facebook Adverts When You Don’t Have A Dollar Card: New Find3 min read

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I was in my room jeje when my sister started screaming my name

I am at my family house now and haven’t left yet because of elections.

Anyways, she kept asking me to come that she found something she thinks I may like

I went to her room and she told me she just got a dollar card that is working well online, no bank queues and 5-7 days of waiting

I was stunned

She then told me of the app she found

The app makes it possible for you to get a virtual dollar card in less than 5 minutes

I saw her card and just like that, she has dollar card

I decided to do some digging because with money, one has to clear eye to avoid stories that touch the heart

This is what I have found so far

  1. The cards created are referred to as virtual cards
  2. You can fund your cards in your local currency by bank transfer
  3. You can create as many cards as your heart desires
  4. The tool supports all banking instituitions in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria in Africa for now and the U.S
  5. The card is customized with your name, postal address, email address and the rest and looks exactly like the normal cards we use here
  6. Cards are not accepted on paystack or inter-switch ( as noted by a user on google playstore)
  7. They give free N50 when you start out
  8. The fastest response ever from customer service. They sent me my OTP via SMS and whatsaap and when I had an issue, they replied super fast
  9. The website is for fancy, the app only works when you use it a certain way 🙄

You can pay for everything from music on iTunes to Facebooks adverts and items you bought on amazon

The name of the app is called “Get Barter”

So, how do you get started?

Step 1:

Go into your play store or app store and search for “Getbarter”, look for something like this

Go through the registration process, they do not ask you for a BVN when doing this

Once you are registered, please follow this link as their website doesn’t work properly and this is the link they sent me that works

Enter your name the OTP (One Time Password) they will send you and your email address

That’s it, you are in

This is what the card will look like when you are done

I am yet to use my own card for payment but, I read the reviews and they have a 3.6 review rate for me

Read some reviews below

In my experience, I would advise anyone to use their Instagram handle @Flutterwave to reach them when in trouble

Please, download the app and follow this link I gave, all other methods don’t work well when using this app

If you have any issues using the tool, use the email address

The response rate is incredible but, you may not get any help during weekends

Do you know any newfinds we should talk about here? Please share and I will get to work

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this post!
    However, upon registration I got a VISA naira debit card. To get a dollar card, I was asked how much I wanted to fund and asked to put in my BVN… is this same for you?

    1. Hi Isabella,

      Yes, I believe I missed out this part and will have to update the post

      You will be asked for that so they make it easy for you to send funds from your naira account to your dollar account

      If you have any further challenges, let me know and I will help or send them a message on instagram via their handle or the email I mentioned in the post


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