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I knew I wanted to be so much more at a young age

That’s me in the white polka dot dress with my siblings and my mom

My father had made it very clear he wanted I and my sister to be useful to our generation by calling us whenever Genevieve Nnaji or Okonjo Iweala was on TV

My old man on the left in red. Love him to the moon and back

And then saying “ see what your mates are doing”

He would then proceed to tell us why we should aim to be more and close with a sermon on how much he believed in us 🙂

Being Basic was therefore not an option

I made the first attempt at doing something with my life when I was 15

I started out teaching my fellow students choreography

One of the dances I taught would go on to be used during my school’s graduation

I taught the choreography to Kirk Franklin’s song “ revolution”

It came out really well and I got 4 other schools reaching out to me to teach their students dances

After a while though, I was done with teaching dance

I gained admission to Abia state polytechnic at 15 into 16 and during my stay as a student, I started dabbling with modeling

My early days attempting a pose. God will punish this photographer . He actually said “ so beautiful “😩😩

On one occasion, I was coming to school and at the school gate, I saw a crowd of people gathered around something

I was muttering to myself “Aba na anya” meaning “Aba people can look” when I looked up at what they were gathering around

I saw myself staring right back at me

It was a huge billboard with my face plastered all over.

I had submitted my picture for a shoot earlier on but, I didn’t think it was going to be on a billboard

It was both exciting and annoying because I am an intorvert and like my privacy

I went on to train the contestants for the miss Abia poly pageant, the very first of its kind

My new found fame as a billboard model would lead me to be made host for the school’s biggest inter-continental department competition

I hosted the shit out of that competition 🙂

This is also when I found I genuinely loved speaking and hosting shows

I would go from hosting this show in school to hosting my own talk show at a teenage church event

This talk show went even better

While in Abia poly, the basket ball team started reaching out to me because they felt I was young and tall

I could play 😀, I came home after they told me they wanted me to join them and jokingly told my dad

Next thing I know, Oga is imagining me becoming the Serena Williams of basketball

He lectured me on how Serena’s dad trained her when she was little

Then, he gave me money to buy jersey, ball and sports converse 😀

Have you met me?

I have no athletic bone in my body and could not make a basket to save my unborn children

This phase moved on pretty quickly 😂😂

I would go ahead to gain admission into the university of Nigeria, Nsukka

The first thing I did after settling in fully was go straight to the radio station at school and let the management know I wanted a job there

I had told my friends about my intentions to work there but, they all said they didn’t take students

I went there on a Friday evening with an old friend of mine, Buzzo and after my interview, I was hired

My gig was from 2-5pm and I was co-hosting on Asta-La-Vista which was the coolest radio show in town 🙂

I would do this for 3 years before bidding farewell to radio presenting

My reason for quitting radio at the time being that, discussing wizkid versus Olamide had lost taste in my mouth

I wanted to discuss more serious issues and the show was supposed to be “light” 🙄

While in school , I also indulged in writing

I got a job at a starting magazine called ONII PAIGE and I worked as the contributor to the fashion and lifestyle column

I believe this lasted a year before the magazine went under

A part of me was glad because I was loosing interest in this at that point 🙂

In 2014, I made a decision that would change my life largely, I registered for the QUEEN NIGERIA pageant

The pageant was sponsored by NTA and was to run in Lagos

I had never been to Lagos in my life but, I felt I needed to do this at the time because I always felt I was not smart enough to answer un-planned questions

I wanted to challenge myself

I didn’t have much money to pay and my Dad made it very clear he was giving me my pocket money to go

If I lost, no money for me for the next month

I also didn’t have money to buy tickets for the show

My sister Summer was the only one from my family who showed up and she could only buy the cheapest N5k ticket

Also, I couldn’t afford accommodation and would end up staying at my boyfriend’s aunty’s house

I won the pageant eventually and it came along with a car

This makeup artist really did not like me 😩

It would take me 4 years to realize I had manifested that car

It is also during my pageant queen years that I realized my calling wasn’t going to be in Philanthropy

I flew a lot, lived out of a box and lived in expensive hotels for weeks cause of my work

I would also launch my own modelling training and competition called “CHASING THE RUNWAY”

15 models would register at N1,500 🙂 And the winner will get signed to ANNES MODEL Enugu

The winner got signed and she would go one to walk at a huge fashion show in Enugu called TWS

She was one of the best models for that evening

From chasing the runway, I would launch diamondmodelmanagement , run it for a while and by the end of this one, I knew my calling wasn’t in the modelling industry

I also spent some time fashion blogging.

Allow me to shine 😀
what was with me and tarred roads 😩

I did this for about 6-8 months

The name of my blog was afribelle, this is it right here

I had barely mentioned it to my Dad when he bought me two years domain names for Afribelle and Fribelle on Godaddy

I eventually quit fashion blogging and went into the fashion business

My first attempt at creating my business called ORIEGIRL led to a 70-80k Cost , zero sales and horrible clothing

Diamond 😩😩😩, what is this

The second time, I started with 20k only and i had a partner, my friend Ify

We did a million naira in sales within 6 months , got funded and in two years, we shut down the business

Some of our products

I don’t think I have ever felt as exhausted, beaten down and drained like I did

I spent two weeks in my house just crying . I would then run into Garyvee’s Crushing it in my wardrobe

I had ordered it but never gotten around to reading it

From the book, I learnt I could write and speak about my experience and help people

I learnt a new term I didn’t even know existed “content creation” and became aware of the power of social media

This is 9 months from the time I read the book as at the time of this article and my life has changed drastically

I am just now coming to know my purpose and what I want to do with my life

I want to help people build the business Or life that they dream of for themselves

To build a life they want and love

Up until these 9 months, I didn’t even know they were people who made millions in dollars doing this

These people are called coaches

I am just learning of people like Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins

What is the Point of this story?

If you are looking for your purpose or you do not know what it is,

I need you to know that no one ever knows when starting out

Very few people are lucky to find out early on

A simple guide to find your purpose is to

  1. List out the things you are passionate about
  2. list out the things you are passionate about and good at
  3. List out the things you are interested in that align with these areas
  4. Go have fun doing them

You can keep a 9-5 while you do this

Join a band, intern for a company doing something you are interested in, Create your own YouTube channel doing whatever

The point is, you will not find your purpose if you do not go and do these different things

Notice that everything I did brought me back to these three things

  1. Speaking
  2. Coaching
  3. Writing

They also happen to be things I am good at and things I am passionate about

I just didn’t know a job or business that would fit these 3 things at the time and now, I do

You have all the time to explore your interests and have fun doing it , read this quote

Trust me, if you do this, it will take you straight for your purpose

Now, tell me 3 Things you are both good at and passionate about, let us kick start this journey 🙂

You already know mine

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  1. I am good and passionate about writing, public speaking and playing dress up.

  2. Speaking, Helping and Leading(as per assisting people being the best of themselves via capacity building).

    That black jumpsuit though, is it still available for give away?🤗🤗🤗

    1. The black jumpsuit that is now with a customer 😀. Back to your passion, how has it been going building on these? They are very powerful areas and very much in line with mine

  3. Thank you for sharing Diamond!

    Just like you, I’m passionate about speaking, writing and coaching.

    I look forward to a sequel to this post though, where you talk about how you’re now living the life you always wanted and getting paid for doing just that(Assuming that’s part of the plan).


    1. I am super passionate about these three and glad to meet someone also passionate in these areas 👊🏽 . That post is definitely coming 🙂. I have already started monetizing and this comment just gave me the idea for the bext business blog post 🙂 . The sequel will be about going from small money to big money 😀😇…We cannot change the world if we cannot pay rent …❤️❤️❤️ And I am waiting for you to send me your own message saying you have started living your dream life and building on your passion

  4. 😁😁😁 Aha!
    You owe me commission ooo.. Lol

    Thanks for responding.
    I am definitely living my purpose. The dream life part still dey come 😊 I haven’t yet cracked the code of monetizing my gifts.

    And oh I totally agree with you, how can we help others if we can’t help ourself.

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