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How do I know these phrases get in the way?

  1. Because some of them have been proven by research
  2. Because I have used most of them in the past and sometimes still do.
  3. When I do, these phrases slow down the sales process or completely ruins it

I am not a sales expert

I am sharing what I have found always hurts my sales when I use them and what doesn’t

1. “Hi Dear”

Just yesterday, I did this and I felt like giving myself a good kick. Old habits do die hard

Have I closed a sale with “hi dear “ before ,yes and maybe you have

But, “hello Diamond” will always trump “hi dear “ when a sales representative is talking to me

Why? Because according to research, a person’s name is still the sweetest sound they will ever hear

Beyond that, using a person’s name makes them feel seen by your company and valued

Imagine you open an email from a company and the first line reads “ Hello (inserts your name )”, it feels so good

It even feels better when you have only spoken to their customer care or sales representative once and they remember your name

During that first call or chat, do not resist to ask for the prospects name “Okay,, what is your first name? “ hurt nobody

And, if you do forget their name , simply ask the prospect to tell you their full name in a follow-up chat or call

Always helps

2. “Are you interested”?

When you are just speaking to a prospect for the first time, this phrase is great

It is great when you state briefly how your company benefits your customers and then, ask the prospect if they are interested in your product or service

An example of this would be

“My name is Adam, I help small business owners who cannot afford big gadgets and high end professionals create high quality video campaigns for their adverts and products. Are you interested in creating high quality adverts or video campaigns for your business? “

When we use “are you interested” at the end of a sales conversation though, it just screams “ my product is an option!”, treat me like an option “

During a sales conversation, we always want to sound decisive and we want to nudge our prospect towards a decision

Instead of asking “are you interested”, simply ask “ Will you be taking one or two of this?”

And if you sense a hesitation, you ask

“I get the sense something is holding you back from making this order, can you tell me what it is?”

And , if the customer states what it is which I find a lot of them do with a little nudge , don’t say this next thing

3. “No, I don’t”

It could be “ No, I don’t offer that” or “No, that is against our policy” or “No, we don’t do that “

“No” is a powerful negative word

Nobody feels great when they are turned down

Instead of going straight for “No”, tell the prospect to give you their number and give you 24 hours to get back to them

Then, look for a concession you can offer that will not get in the way of your policy and that is in line with what you offer

I once spoke to a prospect who wanted me to guide his business to growth in sales

He asked me towards the end of the call “ will you be coaching I and my team or just me?” And I said “ No, I don’t coach more than one person”

It is obvious he wanted his team to be on-board somehow”

Imagine if I said “ I can create a template to share with your team”, “I can hold a video call once during our session with your team or twice

“Yes , I can do this but, it will cost a little bit more”…then go on to emphasize benefits

“No” was just sweeting me to say 🙄

That conversation has stalled and I have a plan to follow-up

In following-up , I will not be using this next phrase

4. “I am just checking in”

When we are following up with a client who is stalling, it is always better to follow up with value

There is no value in “just checking in”

Instead of saying this, remind your prospect why choosing to place the order will be a good decision

Then, push to find out what their hesitation is about

Is it due to a low budget , no money, no time , it could be anything but, if we do not ask , we will never know

So, what I will be doing is creating something of value that will help my prospect with the problem he stated for which he wanted to hire me

Offer it to him for free and then, ask him

“ I sense there is a hesitation to register for this service , what is the reason? Is it money, is it time or is there something you want attached to the service that isn’t available?”

I could also ask “ What is one thing I will do now that will make you register for this service?”

If they tell me, then I will know what the real problem is and how to fix it

Another phrase I have used that just ruined me would be

5. “Yes, I do that. I offer (goes on to list a bunch of services)

This is something I did recently and I cannot even describe how I felt when the sale didn’t happen and I got radio silence

When a prospect asks us “ Do you offer?”, it is very important that we understand they are asking for a reason

It is also important that we understand that, this question isn’t an invitation for us to make ourselves look badass

Selling isn’t about you

This is an invitation to find out what the problem is that the prospect is trying to solve

So, when someone asks us “do you offer…”, we should simply say “Yes, we do” and shut our traps

After which we ask “ How can we help you?”

This is then followed by the prospect stating what we want them to do and then we re-state this to make sure we understand the problem

For instance, if a prospect answers “ I want to get my pricing right “

the reply should be “Okay, let me get the problem situation clear , do you want to make sure you aren’t loosing money in your business already or, you are just starting out and what to get your price right off the bat ?”

Then they will answer and it becomes even clearer how to help

Remember to always state “ yes, we can do that and then “ This is our service rate “, “These are testimonials from some of our clients, which rate will you be going for ?”

6. “Thank you for your time”

My version of this would be “ Thank you for considering me “ 😩😩

I know we do this because we want to sound courteous and we want the customer to feel appreciated

But, the customer wants to feel exhilarated

They want to feel like they have solved a problem , a weight has been lifted off them

You are not to be “grateful” they reached out to you

They are to be grateful they reached out to you because if they didn’t , they would loose so much

This lesson is one I am still struggling with

Always leave the prospect feeling grateful they found you and you do not have to be rude or arrogant to exude this

You just have to be really helpful , share valuable information or open their eyes to something they didn’t know

7. “Trust me”

This is like saying “Calm Down” to someone who is angry , it has never helped

I have never heard of someone who trusted another person simply because they asked

Instead trust is built on action

Instead of saying “trust me”, send your prospects a landing page with customer reviews

Send them emails your customer has sent you , thanking you for your help

Show them they can trust you, don’t ask them to trust you

If you are yet to have customers reviews

Offer a limited free add-on service or a one time free trial , offer a one time discounted rate so they can see the results in action

These will help mitigate risk for your prospect , build trust because if you are willing to loose money at that point ,

it shows credibility

Show do not tell

8. “Sorry to bother you”

You are not bothering a person if you are offering to help them solve a pressing need

If you had a painful headache and someone said “ sorry to bother you, would you like panadol?”

Wouldn’t you be too grateful they are giving you panadol or you would be angry they “bothered you”

If you understand the value of your product or service , you will never feel like you are bothering someone

But, you must make sure that the person you are talking to has the problem you are offering to help with

You must also make sure you know what their exact pain point and expected result is

9. “ We can save you money “

Saving money is always a good thing

Making money, is always a great thing

If your product can help people make extra money, do not fail to mention it and explain how

10. “The Thing About The Competition You Don’t know is ( inserts something bad )

Saying something bad about the competition never makes you look good

I have made this mistake in fashion and not only did I not close the sale the second time, I felt like shit later on

Instead, highlight all the good things about your competition

Then, highlight all the great things about you

Your great things should be things that make you stand out, make you different and things you do better than the competition

For example , instead of an ice cream seller saying

“their ice cream tastes horribly and has an awful smell”

The seller says “their ice cream is soft and the colors are attractive . We on the other hand have all that and, we also have amazing toppings with lots of variety plus, ours is served in a bigger cup”

11. “I’d like to tell you about our product”

No one cares about your product

They only care how it will benefit them

Instead of saying this , lead by stating in summary what your product or service does and then, saying

“This is what we do but, I would like to know what the pain points are for you right now in your business. I cannot help if I don’t know “

This tells the prospect what you do, gets them feeling like you care about their business and helps you know the real problem faster

12. “When will you be free so I can…”

This of course is said right after the sales person has listed out all their products features

Most prospects have so much to do and even if they don’t , no one likes being sold to

Instead, ask “How is the 5th of March, this Tuesday for a brief 10 minutes meeting so I can…”

The prospect may say “ Let me look through and get back to you”

Usually, this means “ fuck off”

It is best to say “ Miss Prospect , I do understand you are very busy, how about you give me a date now off your schedule and I wll only take 10 minutes of your time on said date”

Do not offer 3 days with different time options

Stick to getting a day and time

13. “Do you have the budget for this?”

Customers always have some money for your product

The real problem is that, they have a million things they need to do with that money

If they don’t think what you are offering is a priority 🙄, you are OYO “on your own”

Help your prospect see the value in what you are offering by

  • Highlighting the benefits of your product or service to them
  • Making sure to know what their main pain point is and showing how you can solve it
  • Making sure to know what result they are expecting and how you can help them attain it

I have made mistakes and used phrases 1,2,3,4,5,6,10

Which of these phrases have you used before or heard before ?

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