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16 Habits Of Successful Content Creators - A Simple Image To Depict Content Creators

I have been landing on the handles of people on social media as well as blogs of people whose bio read “content creator”

Apparently, content creation is now an occupation

Content creation has put a lot of people on paths to financial independence and created opportunities for people they wouldn’t have ordinarily found

I personally have benefited from it and yet, most of us struggle with it

I will tell you it isn’t easy and if you are still starting out but struggling, these tips will help you get through

If you are already in but want to get better, these tips will also help grossly as this is where I am at

Successful content creators always focus on value first

be it in the form of high quality pictures , high quality videos , articles , captions that teach something

They always go “value first” and then, everything else

If you have visited Neil Patel’s blog, you will understand the immense amount of value he offers

They are authentic in their voice and style of content creation

@everythingnaart on Instagram is a brand I absolutely love

But, her content is completely different from @naijabrandchick’s even though the two are discussing business

They have their own way of writing and perspectives on business

Even their own way of teaching

They are both successful content creators and they have their own identity

Successful Content Creators Have A Content Strategy

Things aren’t just posted for the sake of posting

They do not just post because they feel like it

They mention their blog articles , link to them , have free toolkits that link to paid ones, have an organized theme for content to name a few

Posting for the sake of posting isn’t how they operate

They have a content bank

Yes, sometimes , you just want to build content on the fly

We get too busy and don’t have the time to build content one at a time

But, they always have a place where they write content ideas as they come

Could be their notes app, a journal but, they never say “ I have run out of ideas”

They always have ideas

They are consistent

I am not particularly the most consistent person in the world

Sometimes, I disappear for days on end and re-surface

This could be health issues or too much work or, I am just going through a bout of depression

Regardless of this , I still show up

They are always putting out valuable content and are consistent in their brand style , use of brand colors , caption style and their voice

They understand the power of being vulnerable

People always connect to people when they are being themselves and dropping any facade

We can sense when people are baring their soul to us, sharing their truth and showing their insecurities as well

We know when people are trying to impress versus being themselves

These breed of people don’t care to impress, they are just being themselves

They share their stories as is and show us sides to them that reminds us, they are human just like us

They are always testing out different forms of content

Have you been to @garyvee ‘s page on IG, there are cartoons and videos and videos in different forms

My favorite of course are the texting videos and his normal talking truth videos

Recently, @danlok also threw in his own cartoons

Some weeks ago @naijabrandchick threw in tiktok videos

Fashion blogger @thisthingcalledfashion, one of my absolute best bloggers in fashion knows how to play with different content ideas

Relationship coach @themathewhussey also does this with his videos from “monkey videos” to “cartoon videos” and quote style videos

Mix up your content

Knowing what works doesn’t mean you only do that because you want to play it safe and keep getting 500 likes

Mix it up just a little and keep testing and learning

They don’t build their audience on just one platform

I have been trying to do this and trust me it isn’t easy to do

While still starting out in content creation, trying to be everywhere is a bad move

Focus on somewhere , grow your audience there to a level and then, spread out

But, do not live on one platform because what happens when that platform is gone or someone hacks your account or you are taken down

I am still learning how to grow my audience on my blog , Pinterest, Medium and Facebook

Diversify your audience

They always engage their audience

This they do through call to actions in their captions

They could ask you to type “ Yes” if you agree

Ask a question , ask their audience to vote on an opinion

They try to reply comments and answer questions even direct messages

They are always engaging their audience and in doing this , they build a community of people

Motivational speaker Jay Sherry does this in all his videos

In his captions, he will ask people to type “YES” if they agree

I do this too but in the form of questions

I would ask people questions and they will answer

They measure everything

When last did you check your shares , saves on a post

This is even more valuable than likes and comments because, when people take the extra action to do something , it shows the level of value they gained

Do not measure Vanity metrics , focus on the things that count

Create and upload content for the sole purpose of seeing what works and what doesn’t

Learn and then, double down on the good stuff

They Focus On Organic Growth

Now, even though they aometimes run paid adverts, these people are not trying to “buy followers”

They are not interested in over night success

@gatyvee started creating social media content even before content was “cool”

@stephobi is growing her own YouTube channel completely from creating valuable content and sharing it

@Tomiebalogun is doing the same thing with her brand

They want people who are engaged with their content not just following for following

Want to see how you can effectively grow your audience organically , read this post

They have learnt how to monetize their social currency

Nothing is more difficult for creatives as figuring out how To make money from something we “Love”

These people have figured this out and understand that they can use social media to build their wealth

Build their actual businesses

Garyvee uses his social currency to giveback a level of trust to his businesses and, indirectly sell some of his products

From his sneakers , Cereal to his book

And honestly , I would buy everything that man creates , I love him a little too much 🙂

Cassie Davies, a fashion blogger does the same thing with her social currency

She sells planners , journals , tees as well uainf her presence

Glory Osei, one of the badass women I know on social media shared her core reason for creating content on her then Instagram page @nigerianabroad

She was using it to build trust in her actual business at the time “dropshipping”

The point is monetize that shit, you cannot create valuable content consistently if you are broke

They have a brand

They translate their brand through the colonies they apply

Use of their logo

The way they edit their pictures , filter choices

The way they sound in their captions

Naijasinglegirl for example uses the colour purple for her rants

I use the colours white , blue and green through our mt Instagram handle @diamondokoh

Garyvee has a specific style of music , fronting and that signature thing that appears at the end of his videos

Dan Lok has a specific way he talks , edits and shoots his videos

You can spot their content anywhere on the internet

They Apply Specialized Knowledge

You barely see a successful content creator who is creating content in everything

Raven Elyse, one of my favorite youtubers creates content around lifestyle, beauty and being a young mommy

Neil Patel’s writes about entrepreneurship Anabella blogging

Maya Ellious writes about entrepreneurship and sales

Dupe Aleru creates videos about personal development

TelandeWorld is known for crazy good videos on food and cooking

I can go on and on but, they are all known for something

From motivation, business, to personal development

What is your niche ? It can be 1-3 things

They Put In The Work

My close friend Ify came over to stay at my house for the weekend

By the third day, she met me in the sitting room and said “Diamond, this thing you do takes a lot of work” 🙂

She never understood my work until she saw me wake up at 5:00am to go work and saw the hours I put in even on a weekend

It is a ton of work

If you want to be good at it, you have to learn to work at it even when your content has 12 likes only 🙂

They Actually Put Out Content

This is still the hardest part for a lot of people

You will always have that fear that people will not like a piece of content

You will always feel like something you made is useless

Put it out anyways

Some of my most shared content has been “useless content”

They Have A Mailing List

while a lot of content creators are still coming into this, expert ones do not joke with this

90% of them have direct access to their audience

They have them on email and so, if the social media platforms decide to have suko suko and tamper with their pages, they will still be alright

Hope you gained some value from this

What is the main challenge you face with content creation?

Mine would be creating the content 😩😩

I do it almost religiously but boy, it’s is hard on the body 😔

Cannot wait to be doing Will Smith and Garyvee moves, have a whole team to do the work whIe just push ideas 😀

Oshe Content Creator 😀

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