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I have been using this tool for a while and I absolutely love it

The tool allows you to turn anything from your business catalogue to your e-book into a flip book

Watch the video below to understand what I mean when I say “ creating a flipbook” or turning your tools into flipbooks

Here, I turned one of my free resources 20 Questions To Define Your Target Audience WorkBook into a flipbook

There are many resources out there that claim to help with creating a flipbook I have tried and tested and vexed, this is my best tool

The name of the tool is fliphtml5 and I am obsessed with it

So, how do you do this?

  1. You have to sign up for the tool ( they have paid versions that allow you to do more with the tool but, to create a basic flipbook, it is completely free

Once you are done signing up, the next thing to do is to upload the book you want to turn into a flipbook

This should show up after you sign up

Tap on the button and then follow the next arrow below

This is where you select the PDF from

Please, note that, if your book isn’t a PDF, the tool will reject it

Also, if it is passworded , the tool will reject it

The best thing to do in such cases would be to remove the password and instead , create a passworded landing page

To convert the book to a PDF

When you tap on browse, you will have to choose the location where your book is at

For me , my books are in “google drive” which means that, I am directed here

As you can see , all my books are in PDF

The only way this will work is if you have already uploaded your book to drive or any of these locations

Once the tool accepts your book, this page will show up

This indicates that your book is being uploaded

After that, this will show up

This indicates that your book is now converting to a flipbook

After this your book will be set as a flipbook

Once it opens up like this, follow the arrow and tap on that line icon

This will show

Simply tap on open and your book will open in another window

Follow the arrow below and copy the link

You can paste the link anywhere and whoever has it can read your book now as a flipbook online

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