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Coming up with content can be really difficult to do

You have to make sure you have mapped out ways to create content that doesn’t make people snooze

Something they relate to

These are the places that have helped me in this area

1. Pinterest

Photo: Unsplash

I used to think this was just a fashion tool for saving endless pictures of Kendall Jenner’s outfits alongside images of cars and offices for my vision board

I was so wrong

There is so much information on Pinterest

How do you use it?

Simply go to the search area and enter a keyword

For this search, I will quickly enter the word “Marketing”

First, you will see this type of suggestions

Tap on the first one “marketing” that has no word attached to it

you will see the keyword’z brothers and sisters right below

Pick one that works with your business or something your target audience will be interested in

Then, read the posts that appear as well as the title of those posts

For example, these are some posts that came from mine

Sometimes , I hit a post and I am like, this would be a great source for content as I have a ton to say on the subject

Then, I copy the idea and paste it in my idea pad on my phone

2. Instagram

Note that, you cannot gain idea inspiration from Instagram if you aren’t following people that can give you one in the first place

If you are into blogging and helping other bloggers but, you follow footballers and their ninjas, 🙄

There will be no flow of information

I used to be obsessed with fashion bloggers, magazines , writers, all of it

I followed most of them and when I would open Instagram in the morning, I will be blessed by the beauty

The only thing is I wanted to be blessed by information not beauty so, I cleared up my feed

I follow a few who I cannot unfollow like @charliekarmale @ravenelyse @charllotteemilysanders because their content is goals

Then, I followed more people along the lines of what I do

I could see a cartoon , video, article , short quote and boom, I have a content idea

Also, I could be going through the comment section of a post and see questions people are asking

If I have an answer and I think that question is a really big deal, I will turn it into an article

Another way instagram helps is her hashtags

You can find content ideas by following a particular hashtag

3. Google

I mean, google is a tool I pray never disappears

Too useful

How do I use it ?

I simply type in the keyword for anything I want to write on and other articles will show up

As I scroll through them, ideas will come out to bless a child

For example , I typed in the keyword “how to start a business” and this is some of what came up as result of the search in the image above

4. Google Trends

I just started really indulging in google trends

The tool basically helps you find what people in your country are searching for around a certain topic

This is how the tool works

Once you enter the term, keywords will appear under as different forms like “Topic”, “people”, choose the one you want

Follow the blue button below to change the country so

As you watch the video, you will see the areas with search results and watch as I tap to find tooics there

By the time you are looking through what people in your country have been searching around a keyword, content ideas will be flying in

5. Blogs Related To Your Topic

I cannot even count how many article ideas I have gotten off TheStartUp or Neil Patel or Foundr

These people don’t play when it comes to content and value

If you are one who genuinely likes to learn and grow their knowledge , as you read, new ideas will flow in

All you need to do is copy and paste it from your brain to your phone’s note pad or book

For example, let’s say I am a hairdresser and I am hunting for ideas for content

If I take a trip down to essence com and hit up their hair area, things like this will show up

From these alone, I have gotten these ideas

“ 10 Ways To Style Afro Hair “

“ How To Detangle Your Wig Without Causing Excess Breakage”

“ 10 Hair Accessories That Make Going Natural Easy”

6. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

I shared this tool once on my Instagram handle for my target audience to use and people loved it

Basically , if you type in a keyword or topic that you are looking to write on , HubSpot will bless you with 250 blog topic ideas

I have used it a couple of times and it is quite useful

The only things I don’t like is that they ask you to fill in name and the rest every time you want to use it

And, sometimes they repeat ideas but, this happens when you are creating a long list, too many things get mixed up

7. Amswerthepublic

To be honest, I haven’t used this tool in a while

The tool works by providing content ideas in the form of questions people have been asking about a certain topic

You type in a keyword, they give you a list of questions

To use the tool

Knowing what people are asking is really helpful because, you can create content in line with their needs

8. BuzzSumo

This tool has a lot of good rep amongst content creators

I personally think it is great for generating articles that are new and like

The headlines are catchy and the article is a bit useful

You rarely get article ideas that come with intense value, you will gain ideas but, not on an anointed with ideas level

But, this is ust for me

If you upgrade, you get full access to all the ideas they have

9. Quora

This place offers so much value , it is fast becoming one of my absolute favourite tools in the world

Type in a keyword and all the question are being asked on that keyword will come running

For example, I typed starting a business in on Quora and These are the results that came up

How did I search using quota?

I went straight to quora.com And because i already have an account, it opened up straight here

Then I tapped the search button

Typed in what I wanted and tapped on one of the results that showed up, the first one

From these alone , I have gotten ideas like

10. LinkedIn Slideshare

I cane across this space online recently

This is what it looks like

You can see how much valuable content sits on this space

While going through the topics on the slides or just reading the slides , ideas could jump right at you

11. YouTube Industry Videos

YouTube has so much valuable content just lying around

Enter a keyword or topic and you will see videos by other people

Read the headlines and as you scroll through, you could pick up something for your own content

You could even learn something new if you decide to watch a video that you can teach as DIY for your audience

12. Expert Newsletters

If you are on a newsletter like my own ( Not an expert yet though) , you will get a weekly dose of what I found valuable through the week on the web

These articles are all directed towards business ( starting a business and personal development

Imagine if you were in my industry , this would be a great source of content ideas for you

I am on a ton of newsletters and, every now and then, someone sends in a topic that just gives so much value

I gain inspiration and create my content around that topic

13. Past Mistakes

That I launched this blog is completely because I was willing to take my past mistakes and turn it into a tool to help others

What about you?

Look at all the mistakes you have made when it comes to your industry

Share them as lessons for others and people will gain a ton of value

14. Your Successes

Share this as well

Do something and it works out well, share what you have learnt with other people

The whole point is to create valuable content

What is more valuable than content that helps someone win

15. Expert Webinars

I personally follow a lot of people in my industry and every now and then, they will release a Webinar

Sometimes, I see a topic that I have some personal information on and in that moment , ideas show up

Content ideas are everywhere, the real question is “where are you looking?

Now to you,

if you could ask a content expert one question about content creation, who would it be and what would you ask ?

For me, it will be Neil Patel

I will ask,

“ How do you get the data you use in your articles because I have tried using Atlas and it just isn’t working for me”

“Also, how did you balance creating high value content and creating courses, books as well as serving one on ome clients and companies when starting, I suck at multi-tasking and have been refusing contract jobs because I don’t want to disappoint “

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