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Recently, Instagram , Whatsapp and Facebook were both down and not functioning properly

This led a lot of thought leaders in business to re-inforce the importance of owning your audience

If tomorrow your Facebook or twitter or Instagram handle disappears, how do you reach your audience

These tools will help you get started building a mailing list if you are a budget entrepreneur

This is the most common name when it comes to mailing list tools

I personally use mailchimp and it is very effective

Mailchimp allows you to send emails to 2,000 subscribers for free

The tool provides room for you to

  • Customize your email templates
  • build a newsletter
  • add landing pages for your services and products
  • Import email contacts from almost anywhere
  • Create emails that are automatic and send out on their own
  • Give room for comments on your emails

To name a few features

It does all this but , it must attach its logo to your emails and , the fee you will pay when moving to use their paid plan is pretty high

They recently did extensive work on their mobile app which makes it easy to work from your mobile phone

Pleasep note that when using mailchimp, you do not use images from google in your newsletters or mails

I did this once and I got locked out of my account

Thank God it isn’t the Accounr I am using now with all my subscribers because , who I for call

Mailchimp doesn’t offer live support for free accounts

This is another really popular tool

This tool allows you to send up to 12,000 emails to 1,000 subscribers for free

Once you exceed 1k subscribers, you have to upgrade

The only glitch you may face when signing up for this tool is that they ask you to register with your company email and not your personal email

That is , diamond@thestartupreport.org versus diamond@gmail.com

Once you get past this hurdle., the tool is worth your time plus, they have an affordable upgrade plan that goes for $15 for 2,500 subscribers and $30 upward for more

You can use Zoho to get that personalized email address for free

Simply search ZOHO FREE EMAIL HOSTING and the tool will come up

When I first came across Zoho, I was hired by a restaurant startup to help them with social media management , video content creation and the sort

I fell in love with the whole Zoho tool

This tool has a lot of powerful features like

  • Variety of customizable templates
  • newsletter tool
  • Auto responder for your email marketing
  • automation

To name a few

This isn’t an entirely free tool but, their basic plan which allows you to have up to 500 subscribers goes for $1 which is N362 only

And you get access to most features

Best part is that, you do not get a Zoho logo on your mail

Their upgrade plans are also super affordable

$28 for 6,000 subscribers , huge catch

They also have a plan for people looking to run a subscriber service

You can download their app from the app or play store to use on your phone

Privvy is another tool in this area that I love

The interface is absolutely beautiful and easy to use

You can create everything from newsletters to pop ups , banners just to name a few

The best part of this tool is that, it allows you to access all the features they have

You can send emails to 3,000 subscribers for free

They also have a spin to win feature that I must try and I am obsessed with

Your customers , clients and readers can spin the wheel to win discount codes, free shipping or free 30 minutes consultation from you. it is up to you

Mailmuch is basically a tool that helps you build different types of opt-in forms for your target audience

It’s free plan allows you to build unlimited forms and form types but for only 1 site

You also get to view analytics

Form types include embedded forms, pop-ups to name a few

From what I have come to learn about the tool, you cannot build a full mail using it but, you can collect leads super effectively

Benchmark is another high value tool to use

Their free plan gives you access to 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails per month

The free plan though has a lot of limitations

Also, their upgrade fees are a bit high end for what they are offering on each plan

This is another tool that people use

The major challenge with email elastic include

  • They can lock your account out of the blue when you fail to follow their policies so read them before signing up
  • Poor customer service

The good side is that

  • On the free plan, you can send up to 150,000 emails per month
  • They also work great for sending out mass emails and
  • They make it easy for you to view how each mail did over the others

This is another incredible tool

The free plan allows you to send 15,000 emails to 2,500 subscribers

It doesn’t give you access to all the features

SendPulse also gives room for people to pay per email instead of monthly

Their services apply to bulk SMS amongst other things. For Nigeria, they charge N0.17 per SMS for bulk sms

This is another mailing service that people have talked about but, it isn’t as popular as the rest

Their free plan allows you to have 5,000 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails per month

They also provide live support for those on their free plan which is something others like mailchimp do not provide

You can also import your lists from different places

I also love this tool because upgrading to the next level isn’t as high end

It goes for $10 per month and you can access up to N7,500 users

Drip has become a strong competitor in the world of email marketing really fast

The tool offers you free 100 users and unlimited email sends on their free plan

This is for you if you are looking for a sophisticated tool but, just testing the waters

I haven’t used it but, feedback on it has been good

I have used this tool and I absolutely love it

The tool gives you your first 50 users for free and then, you pay $5 for 200 users and $8 for 750 users

You can send as many emails as you would like

You can also collect leads directly using revue unto your newsletter

The best part of this tool for me is how easy it is to use

I was able to build out my entire emails on my phone super easily

I would add videos using YouTube links, articles , images to name a few

You can also edit colors and your newsletter Landing page area

It also gives room for you to see who opened your email and who didn’t , view basic analytics and compare all your emails sent with others to see what worked and what didn’t

Best part, their support system is very responsive and, you can import or export your contacts anytime

Tiny letter is a free tool that lets you send emails to 5,000 people and as many emails as you would like

The design of this tool is minimalist and super beautiful.

Only issue is, you cannot do much analytics with it

You cannot see who opened your mail and who didn’t or view how your mail is performing

It also doesn’t have a drag and drop editor like some of the others have

If you just want to send out messages , this is the tool for you

I think it is a bit too limited but, writers may like the tool

Yup, pretty old G-mail

Now, this isn’t a very “cool” option but, it does the work well

You can send emails until you need to upgrade storage

You can also use a free google form for a sign up area

G-mail allows you to send bulk emails and you can simply copy and paste emails on to the recipient area

You can also monitor how many people opened your email on G-mail by using this free tool called Mailtrack

It is a desktop tool that lets you see who opened your email and who didn’t

You can design your email by using the “insert photo” option that comes with your phone normally and not attaching the images

It isn’t as exciting as others and doesn’t have an all in one built in system but, it can do the work

Which is my best?


It is perfect for starting out and alllws you to do a lot of things

I would also recommend Mailerlite and , for anyone looking to launch their newsletter , Revue

On another note, have you started building your own email list? Don’t lie o,

If No, what is the challenge you are facing with building one

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