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A couple of days ago, I was featured by @naijabrandchick of naijabrandchick.com on her Instagram handle

This is a big deal for people in my industry because Madam Nelly is a big name when it comes to entrepreneurship in Nigeria

This was a very serene moment for me because she is one of the people I genuinely respect in business

I want to give you guys the backstory of this meeting and the lessons I learnt from my time with her

Before this happened ,some weeks before , maybe a week or two, I came on Instagram and found that “Naijabrandchick” has followed me

I felt like I was having a heart attack , I was shocked

I sent her a message to Thank her as I know this is a big deal and she sent me the kindest message

Fastforward to some days ago , she would hire me to come and teach her how to edit her videos for YouTube

I mean, Naijabrandchick is hiring little old me 🙂 I have blow 😀

This arm of my business is one I am still building out and didn’t even know there was a market for until she hired me

I would make sure to get to her office in time and wear my good shoes 🙂

I learnt so much in less than 3 hours of meeting her and here are some of the things I learnt

I know, we say this a lot and hear it but, meeting her up front just confirmed it

I asked how she started and she was kind enough to share. She told me how she just started from her home, the sleepless nights involved, the nights when she would be the only one awake, working

She shared how she will come home from her 9-5 and get down to work preparing her bread even when she was super tired

She closed off this story by saying “ it wasn’t overnight”

Looking at my life now, I knew at least, I was getting it right because this is exactly what my life looks like now

I used to debate that smart work and hardwork are equally important, I don’t anymore

Madam Nelly is one of the smartest people I have ever met and a true creative

But, she is a super hard worker

I was on her Instagram handles yesterday and this woman was in the market doing the leg work for her upcoming event NBCTradefair

One I think you should attend because it is packed with lessons and wonderful products to buy

All business owners selling physical products should be there

Anyways , as I was watching her video, I was thinking , most people wouldn’t work this hard for an event especially when they are successful

I was challenged to work harder

Hardwork is one of the key reasons why we see a lot of people who are smart and talented not living their dream lives

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work -Thomas Edison

A lot of people are not willing to put in the work they need to win and others aren’t putting in as much work as they should be putting in

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard-

Kevin Durant

A large part of building our dream lives is working hard for it

Right there in the office, madam Nelly was dealing with a disheartening issue with an individual

Madam Nelly’s calmness through it left me in shock

She was so calm and collected. She handled it with grace and didn’t even panic

She was more like “I have seen this before, over and over again, I am good “🙂

In my mind , I was thinking you need to know how much this woman has experienced in her growing years for her to come to this level

Me now, I would freak out but not her

She has also spent a night in jail because of NAFDAC wahala

All these challenges we are facing in the process, it is to prepare us for what we will see when we are among the 1% because, it will not be easy

Being 1% also means you will face the challenges that 1 percenters face 🙂 and only few can withstand those challenges

We need the character and habits to pull through and only the process can teach us that

No,I didn’t pay her a dime to mention me on her page and even add me to her video

What she did for me is something she charges people up to 100k for

She did it and she is still doing it for other businesses owners

Successful people are born givers, they give and give and give

They also know how to ask but, they understand the principle behind giving

Did you know that one of the reasons she started Naijabrandchick is that, people wanted her to share the way she was growing her business nellies.ng

She knew she couldn’t share her recipes but, wanted to help others and so, she decides to create Naijabrandchick and start helping other people

She has shared so much valuable information on her page that a lot of people will pocket

“I love to give, I have been a giver all my life”- Tyler Perry

Of course, we must be careful not to give to selfish takers, learn when to say NO and know how to monetize , all skills that successful people have

Yet, they have mastered the skill of giving

Too many times when we have money issues, we start thinking about who to collect from

Who will gift us 🙄

Madam Nelly knew one source of income will not help her achieve all her financial obligations

She quit her 9-5 and had to find other ways to increase her income

She didn’t look for who to give her, she thought of ways to solve her problem

This doesn’t apply to money alone but to everything

When faced with a problem, we must learn to come up with solutions and have an “I can do this” attitude

Ask for help but, always go head first and when you try and try and nothing, then ask for help

Everything is figureoutable- Marie Forleo

When I walked through the door of her office, the first question she asked me was “why are you charging that?”

I paused and broke into a smile

She would go ahead and tutor me on charging my worth and even teach me some hacks

I was just so in awe of her that charging wasn’t even on my mind 🙈, fangirl moment

I picked her lesson and even though I have already screwed it up with 3 people as I am still figuring this out , I am learning and will figure it out

Not many people will do what she did.

Do you know I offered to shoot her video and edit for free? She said No and explained that she didn’t want to take advantage of me

She wanted to pay me for my work and she even overpayed me

It takes a certain kind of person to do that

When talking of women empowering women and people empowering others, this is the English we are speaking

Mustn’t be by giving money but, by advising, helping , connecting people to sources of help when we can

She started her business from her house and alone

She didn’t have a team to start with

Now, when people get a business idea. the first thing most start looking for is funding🙄

Do you know that even until now, she hasn’t collected a loan in her business and doesn’t want to ?

When I tell starting and aspiring entrepreneurs to forget funding and loan unless you absolutely need it for your idea, most will not hear word

Most of the time , funding and loan is simply individuals and banks sending you to go and work for them

What to do instead? Focus on getting users and customers

This is how google , Apple , Facebook all started

Their customers funded them first

It is amazing how many people in Lagos who are launching startups all on VC money , 90% of them will not make it past year 2

I am not wishing bad luck, I am staying it as Paul Graham has stated it and this guy has helped build companies like Airbnb, Dropbox to name a few

Unless you are in an industry that demands funding for entry, your customers are your direct funding link when starting

“Can I use my phone to post? It is time”

We were already half way through “basic editing” which is one of the full 11 video shooting and editing class she hired me for when she said this to me

She still knows the time to post and she still does it even when she can relax and say “besides, my followers are there” and she has 121,000 of them

She has been doing for close to 4 if not 5 years and has a very engaging audience

But, she still remembers what made her successful and she is still doing it

She is still posting religiously

As we keep growing and gaining results , we must remember to keep investing in the things that make us successful

We can try new things and innovate but, we need to keep doing those ones that make us successful

This is especially for the women

Too many of my fellow young women are walking away from the table because they are “planning ahead “

Our life partner should be someone who empowers us to keep showing up for our dreams and pushes us to be the best

If they need us to make ourselves smaller to be with them, that is a major red flag

This goes for men as well

The person you choose to marry can make or mare you- My father

Madam Nelly has a family and is killing it with her career

And there are lots, lots of successful women like her

Okonjo Iweala, Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Mo Abudu, Awosika, Chiamanda Adichie, Indra Nooyi to name a few

We cannot do this on our own but, we can do it so, stop giving up opportunities and saying “I cannot start planning now because I am not yet married” 🙄

When you die, your husband will not be dying with you so, start building your dream life and never leave the table for anyone

The process is what got her here

The process is what got Genevieve Nnaji, Beyoncé , Bill gates and all other people we admire so much where they are

The process is what led me to Naijabrandchick

Trust the process, it is the only person that gives 100% success

It is hard to get through for a reason

Where we want to go isn’t for the faint of heart

The competition there is major

We need certain character traits and habits to survive there

Trust the process , show up and work hard.


They aren’t just doers, they are fast doers

This means that they don’t stick around and wait till everything is perfect 🙂

They get tan idea, draft a launch strategy and go on to execute on it

They do this because they know that

  • Whatever they plan, they will face an entirely different set of challenges when they are out doing it
  • They also know that they will get better over time but , they need to start

Macro Patience, Micro Speed-Gary Vaynerchuk

Think, Do

No one ever becamse successful from overthinking

Which of these lessons connected with you the most?

On another note,

I want to launch a live show where I invite successful people in business and other areas of life on and you get to call in and ask them questions about busines or their careers that we normally couldn’t access cause we have no access to them

Would you want to have access to call in and ask someone you admire a question?

If so, please sign up below to let me know if you want this and give me the name of 3 people you want me to bring on the show

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