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Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a company for your business or personal brand but didn’t know who to reach out to?

You could send an email to info@companyname it supoort@company name

Chances are, you may not get a response

I came across this tool when I was looking to reach someone at a company I want to collaborate with

This is how the tool works

  1. You enter the domain name of the company
  2. They release a list of emails they believe if you use, will lead you to finding the key people at the company in the area you are looking for and give you their sources
  3. They ask you to sign up for a free account so you can view the emails in full as it is shaded

There will be one hiccup when you are registering and that is, you will need a business email address to use it

You can go and get one for free now at if you have a domain name

If you don’t have a domain name, read this article where I share 10 Places to get a free business domain name

I will be sharing a video with the DIY for how to create a free email address on Zoho but, until then, you can get started

  • This tool is for writers who want to get their articles published on huge platforms like Sheleadsafrica, Bellanaija, Forbes, Inc and any publication as long as they have a domain name

Want to teach the decision makers directly, this tool could help

  • This tool is for business owners who would like to collaborate with certain major brands

Send their products to be used in shoots at a magazine or the sort

  • This tool can be used by personal brands , bloggers and influencers to get partnership deals to post content and be paid and the sort

Because you want to be speaking to the decision makers when it comes to what you want to do than Wunmi at customer care who is so swamped with work

Or Micheal who is too busy playing candy crush to care about our goals

The name of the tool is called Hunter

When you first land on the tool, this is what you see

Enter the domain name of the company where you have “”

To demonstrate this, I will use my own company domain name “

Once you enter the company domain name, this will come up

That is my work email address above and honestly don’t know who has the one below but will check it when I can access my email

Notice that the email is shaded, all you have to do to access the full view is tap on where you have “create a free account”

This will come up next

If you try to use “gmail account” by tapping on “sign up with google” they will still re-direct you to use a business email address

Read this article to set yours up now if you cannot wait for the DIY

When you land on, you should see this , follow the arrow

After that, scroll down on the page until you see this

Continue your journey from there

Again, you will need a domain name to use this tool so, make sure to reread this article and get one

Now, after you have set up your domain name and business email, you will come back to hunter and enter your work email address into the sign up page

Fill in all the details and then, when you go to this page, you will be sent a link to your email to verify

After verifying, I believe you can then search as you like

For hubter’s free Plan, this is what you get

Usually , the give a lot of bounce emails

And few actually good ones

The trick is to send to as many emails as pop-up in that category and see which one clicks

Now , another method that seems to work well is this one shared here

It involves the use of your laptop, gmail and a chrome tool called Rapportive

It also works on Firefox

If you want a more enhanced tool, you should try anymailfinder

Their downside is that they will ask you to put in your card before they give you free20 credits for your search

They may not charge you until your 20 credits is done

Quick question, do you have plans to collaborate with brands, if so how many and what is the goal of your collaboration?

I am currently working out my first ever paid partnership 🙂, increasing all my sources of income.

The goal is to help the brand build awareness for their business and most likely sales

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  1. I have tried using email hunter on my pc but I get stuck at the point where it keeps requesting to verify my phone number.

    I did not see you mention that. How can I get past this. A code is supposed to be sent to my phone but it never arrives.

    1. Hi Victor

      I know my response is super late . Please bear with me

      If you still need this, simply look for their contact us area and send in a mail. You should get a response in 48 hours and if no one responds, please try the alternative tool I mention at the end of the article . It also works really well

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