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Before we get into this article fully, I want to explain that I honestly believe if you have some $13-$19 to spare, you should head on to Godaddy and get a domain name

When it comes to hosting, you want to make sure you have full control

your privacy is managed and you will not have wahala if you want to redirect your DNS for some reason tomorrow

Another reason buying from Godaddy is better or actual paid hosting sites is that, these free domain name companies make it harder for people to find you in search engines like google

This all being said, If I was starting out when I was starting out and didn’t have the money to buy a domain name, I would have used any of these methods to get one

Freenorm is one of the world’s leading platforms for people to get free domain names

How does it work?

When you land on the site, this is what it looks like

The first area with the arrow pointing is where you type in the domain name you want to get

Then, the circle below is where you tap to make sure that the domain name is available

If it is available, this page will show

These are all the domain names available for free that you can get

The most beautiful thing about freenorm is that, you can buy .com and .org domain names for super cheap if you want to as well

For example, if you scroll down even further, you will see this area

You can buy these domain names at less than you will see them on Godaddy or other places

Read through the guidelines they offer to go through the whole registration process

This is another platform that offers free domain name for business owners

To use this tool, go to

This what you will see when you land on the site, type in the domain name you want to get in the white box

Then, tap on the green button below it, this page will come up

Again, these are all free domain names you can get and, if you live further on the page, you will see their cheaper domain names

This includes getting a domain name attached to that of a website builder

If you have ever seen a domain name like, this is what I mean

You can get a domain name like this when you use platforms like weebly, WordPress , Wix and Tidal to build a website

They also have paid plans but, their paid plans do not come with a free personalized domain name either

The paid plans will only let you connect your website to a free personalized domain name

Or, you can buy one from them at $13-$24 depending on what you take

There are platforms that offer you free domain name if you advertise for them on your blog or refer people to them

For example, hostgator makes it possible for you to get a free domain name if you agree that they can place their ads on your website

The bad part of this is that, you will have no control over how and where they place the advert on your site

Bigrock provides this sort of program but for renewing people’s domain names for free

You can search “sites that give free domain name for referral to gain more options”

This is one of the most common ways to get a free domain name

There are a lot of hosting platforms that offer this

Bluehost offers this for their hosting plans

Other hosting platforms that offer this too include, hostgator and hostinger

The most affordable of all these hosting platforms is hostinger and the one that has the best reputation is hostgator

If you are on a budget, I will advise using hostinger

You can get a domain name for a year for less than N4,000

You can get started and move up to hidday in time

Did I mention that these web hosting services are offering free domain names like .com, .net and .org not .tk and the rest

You will enjoy this more if you want to create sites for your courses or online store that is connected to your blog but, you are trying to do it all on a budget

Would you be interested in a course that shows you how to build an e-commerce store on your own in less than an hour amongst other kinds of sites ?

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  1. Thank you for this! Please I have a question: if I start with one of the free domain names can I later upgrade to a .com and move my content?

    1. Yes, you can

      But I will advise that instead of upgrading on these free platforms, you buy your .com name from Godaddy and then when people try to reach you using the old free domain names, they will be redirected to your new site.

      You can also lift all your content on the old site and place on your new site.

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