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12 Tools To Post And Schedule Social Media Posts

Before we get into this, I want to point out that, if you are reading this so you can schedule your instagram posts, please don’t

Amongst the many things that helps instagram sink your viability is scheduling your instagram posts using apps and posting from those apps

I will show you how to schedule your social media posts for instagram but please, don’t use these tools to automate your posts for instagram

What I share is exactly how I do mine

It mustn’t be how you choose to do yours

The first thing I do is, I clearly map out all the forms of content I share

I currently have about 22 different categories with some to be executed on soon

Next thing, I will use either the cardboard method I share on my IGTV or, I use a book and I start arranging each content based on the day

I place 3 posts to each day and arrange them for one week or two

Creating content is hard 😞, sometimes, this takes two days to get through

That is , building out the piece of content

Once I am done, I will use that as a guideline to posting

Another way to do this is to use these tools I mention to plan your content but, do not automate or post from the tool

Just use it to see what post comes after what

I promise you that this method is stressful so, use two days in the week say Saturday and Wednesday To do this

And, try as much as possible to follow the plan

Buffer is right here on top of my list because it has been here a long time and has continued to be highly useful

This is one of the few scheduling tools for social media that allows you to schedule content to up to 3 platforms for free and can work as an app

The plans for budget entrepreneurs range from free -$15

Higher plans = Higher value but, you have to free your pocket 🙂

The free plan allows you to schedule up to 10 posts per queue

You can use this tool for Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn and IG for those who wish to

Their tool also does something spectacular, it suggests the moments to post based on your follower analytics

Buffer also has a browser extension for chrome so, you can access the tool while working on your laptop

The free plan only allows 1 user so no team collaborations and, they are said to have pretty great support

I downloaded the app a while back but never got to using it because I wasn’t thinking of diversifying my content

Now 😩😩, certainly downloading and using

Also downloaded this tool when I downloaded buffer

I didn’t like the social interface as much personally but some people swear by it

I also find it buggy especially the app

This tool gives you access to 3 social media profiles for free

You can schedule your content and, it also allows you access up to 2 RSS feeds

Follow this link if you want to access their free tool

I will implore you to read this article before deciding on using the tool or not

Saw this tool on a ton of websites when I was doing my research and naturally decided to check it out

I haven’t used it yet but absolutely intend to

This social media scheduling tool is perfect for those of us who are social media managers or run a social media agency

Social pilot allows you to manage the profile of multiple clients from thesame dashboard

It also gives room for scheduling content in bulk and allows for team collaboration

This tool not only works for scheduling contents, but, also suggests content for you based on your industry

They do not have a free plan but, they have a plan for individuals with limited features where you pay $8.33 per month .

You will have to pay this annually though which means 8.33 X 12

Zoho is one of my absolute best organization tools

They have so many different tools for business owners from CRM to self hosted emails which I love

This tool is also a great tool for social media agencies and managers

The free plan allows you to publish on all networks so, any social media profile you have

It also gives you access to 1 team member

I brand URL shortener

You can use this to schedule and post to Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, googlemybusiness and instagram

Honestly, they had me at LinkedIn and googlemybusiness.

Their free plan is followed by the paid plan at $10 which offers even more services

Follow this link to access the free plan

This tool works just for Twitter and it isn’t completely free

I need this one badly because I need to up my Twitter game

TweetDeck allows you to post to as many social media handles as you please

You can also line up notifications from your twitter accounts all in one dashboard

This tool is web based though so no app. You have to travel to google chrome to use it

This is in thesame group with hootsuite and buffer

I tried using it as well and loved the way the content was arranged but, didn’t use it for too long as it became really buggy

Later offers a forced free plan and allows you to connect to 20 social media profiles

It allows you to schedule 20 instagram posts at a time, 50 twitter posts and 30 Facebook posts as well as 30 Pinterest posts

This plan though doesn’t allow you to schedule videos among a ton of other limitations

Their next plan after this is $9 which allows 100 posts to be scheduled for all social media profiles as well as videos

If you upgrade to their $19 plan, Later will give you access to their Linkin.bio tool

This tool allows you to add links to all your articles and products on your instagram handle to your bio so people can shop directly from Instagram

Tailwind is designed to focus solely on Pinterest

It doesn’t have a free plan but starts at $9.99 a month

I got to know of this tool from Pinterest; literally all the bloggers I follow and found their pins useful recommend this tool

This says they must be doing something right

This tool is for those of us who do not have $9.99 to pay for Pinterest scheduler

You can actually use your Pinterest app to do this

When you open your Pinterest profile area , follow the arrow and tap the + sign

Tap pin and then, select the image you want to pin

After that, Tap next and go to schedule area

That’s it

Once you choose the day and time to schedule, Pinterest will automatically post at that time

Follow me on Pinterest by tapping this image below

This tool has it’s main focus on google plus so, if you are looking for the perfect tool to schedule for google plus, this is your girl

The most affordable plan here for budget entrepreneurs is $7.50 per month billed annually

You can schedule up to 500 posts per queue

Also, you can have 10 team members all collaborating on the tool and 5 queues at a time

While this tool allows users to publish to Tumblr, Linkedin profiles and the sort, it is still most known for google+

Just like Pinterest, Facebook has her own page scheduling tool

You can follow this link here to learn how to use it

I have never used this tool but, it came up a ton during my research process

They have their free plans that allow you to link to only one account for different social media profiles

They also recommend articles they believe you will derive value from as well as images they feel will gain attention from your users

Another thing they do is, they make hashtag recommendations for you to use on social media and, they provide one day analytics for your social media accounts

The best part for me about crowdfire USP is that they actually allow monthly pay versus “billed annually”

Post planner doesn’t have a free plan

What they have done is make it so you can pay $3.33 to use the tool

This plan allows you to connect to 3 accounts, schedule 30 posts per day and 300 post can be planned out

This fee is billed annually

Post planner helps you find high quality content , plan the perfect publishing calendar and post consistently

This tools are super useful for those of us who want to start diversifying their audience and spreading their content across platforms

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