How To Launch Your Clothing Brand On A Very Tight Budget.ep12 min read

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In this episode of the unfiltered life of an entrepreneur, I talk about how you can create your own online clothing store and get the ball rolling on a very tight budget

Here is what you will learn in this video

  • The 6 ways to Launch Your Clothing brand on a tight budget
  • How to make customization work for you
  • How to reduce your chances of being scammed when importing products
  • How to buy products in MOQ of 1 from alibaba
  • How to buy products from the local market that will actually sell and avoid bad products
  • How to turn an item you got for N1,500 into something worth N12,500 and make money
  • what to do when you only have one of each item and you are not customizing for clients
  • how To Launch a produce in order business when you do not have tailors
  • which tailors to use if you want your business to grow effectively
  • Things to consider when pricing that always get missed on

To bake a few

In the video, I mention some things I will link to or explain and here they are

Pricing Article

This is the pricing article to see exactly how to navigate pricing and avoid making costly mistakes that will lead to cashflow issues

The Number Of the Delivery Man I Use For Mini Importation

+86 139 2239 7904

Name: Mr. Deji

Make sure to set your supplier location to “China mainland when shopping to avoid stories

I will teach on this in a future webinar so more people see how to find suppliers, import, clear,price properly , package and sell like you have a full store to name a few

Having the logistics persons number is one thing, setting up the business in a way that it works is another

Article With Pricing Caluculators You Can Use For Your Business

Need a pricing calculator to help you set prices for your business, we are building one of ours called GROWBABY and we have a wait list here

You can join them

In the main time, you can start with this article and use these calculators

Ignore the dollar figures. Don’t convert

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