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I started monetizing my content for the first time December of Last year

First was the Photography whatsapp Class that teaches content creators how to create high quality pictures using their phone

Then, the video shooting and editing masterclass that teaches content creators and entrepreneurs how to create high quality videos using their phone

I am on the verge of launching my third course, a book and a bunch of other resources I believe my target audience will derive some value from

What I am about to share with you are simply tips to make it easier for you to start monetizing your audience and content even if you only have 1k followers or 10k

There are two things I need you to understand before you get started

  1. You do not need to have a large audience to start monetizing : you just need to know what problem your audience has that you can solve for them
  2. Monetizing your audience will only really work when we are creating something

This post is essentially for creatives but, those in other areas of business like retail, manufacturing and the sort can learn a great deal from it as well

Lesson 1 : Always ask your audience what they want before creating it, never assume

The first time I tried to monetize my content and audience, I created a course that no one bought

I had been creating content for a while and my engagement was definitely soaring high so, I figured, “I know my community members well enough and know what they want

I told my sister I knew what I was doing even after asking her to validate her own idea

about a month,later I released the e-book and no one even winked

Zero sales

Now, before I start creating anything, I make sure to validate my idea first

How can you validate your product or service idea?

We will discuss this in the next YouTube video coming out on Friday

In the main time, subscribe here and turn on the notification bell to get the alert when it goes live

So, before you run off to create what you think your audience wants, validate first

2. Always pre-launch

This does two things for you

  • helps you validate your business idea even further because, if one person can give money for it, 100 people can
  • helps you start generating sales

Is it tricky, Absolutely

For my video course, I started too late to create content for my course

This led to a lot of challenges along the way.

The best way to use this method is to start creating course content after the third person pays you

The next point will show you exactly what I did during the pre-Launch phase

3. Promote your product before it gets there

It isn’t enough to just announce you have a new product before you create the product, you actually have to promote

This means, you have to create at least 5 different videos to market it

Create 2 or 3 email templates to send your email subscribers

Create a webinar to promote your product or service

Launch a challenge or even host a free whatsap class

Talk about it constantly in your instagram captions and indirectly in your blog posts

People should know this product is coming even before the big launch day

Promote, Promote , Promote

Do not just come out one day and say “ New e-book” out 🙄

4. Show up more than once

If you read through point 3 well, you will notice I point out showing up more than once

Posting your e-book once or twice isn’t enough

This is why I ask people to create their promotional content early on before anything else

You have to create each promotional content and then, create a caption copy unique to it

Make sure it targets the audience perfectly

Each content should always have a different copy while still maintaining thesame features

These features are answers to the questions

  • Is this for me?
  • Is this worth the money ?
  • What makes this so different from others like it?
  • What will this do for me?
  • How do I get this?
  • Can I afford this?

If you don’t know how to write a caption yet, I believe you should read this article, it is super detailed and helpful on the topic

5. Draw up the benefits , USP and obstacle for your product or service before creating it

Creating a product or service that our audience will be wiling to pay for has little or nothing to do with our vision

Even if you like, envision the time and day Jesus will come, if it doesn’t answer this question for your target audience

What Is in it for me ?

It isn’t going anywhere

You also want to clearly state what makes your own product or service unique

When pitching this, do your very best to avoid listing “ affordable” , this is so over-used

If nothing you say to this question is actually unique then, maybe you should hold back on your idea till you can carefully define this

When you are done defining this, also make sure to weigh how this increases benefit for your target audience

For example, people who use my online school have access to the school for a year

In connecting this to benefits, I will state “ you can access it anywhere at anytime even if you have a 9-5 or prefer to watch at night or you are not within Nigeria

Because I know part of my target audience have 9-5 and are busy, I have listed this USP

You also need to list out the obstacles your target audience will face in deciding to order your products or services

Obstacles here are the things that will make them re-consider. Things like price, timeframe, and the sort

Pointing this out will help you create a great copy because you can provide ways to handle those obstacles before it even comes up

6. Set your price in tiers

This is so helpful for solving the “Price is too high” obstacle

Your price points should be between 2-3 tiers and, for each one set value on different levels

7. Make sure value beats price

You always want people to look at what you are offering and feel like the money they are paying isn’t enough

This is even more important if you are charging high prices

Also, ensure that what you have defined as “valuable” is what your target audience also defines as valuable

It isn’t value unless your target customers say it is

One way to make sure what we have defined as valuable is valuable involves using the questions people are asking when inquiring about your product or service

If the questions they are asking are questions you already have answers for and your product or service handles, them you have nailed this

If not, you need to re-write “value” using those questions

So, if a ton of people for example keep asking you if this is a webinar or Whatsapp class because they don’t have time to log in at a specific time, that is a sign you should add “flexible” timing to your list of value offerings

8. Don’t be in one form when it comes to monetization

I am currently working on spreading my wings when it comes to the products I am selling

Creating a course isn’t enough, we need to have different types of products and services

Right now, I offer coaching services, help companies build a content marketing and social media team while also selling my digital products

Create courses, e-books, whatsap classes to name a few and make these all part of what you offer

You may be wondering how to do your own thing and also work for other people, the key is to outsource

Go on the internet and look for people who can do what you need outsourced, check on fiverr for them and then, outsource

If you are charging 100k and paying 20k for outsourcing monthly, you are still going home with 80k

Outsourcing is the best way to go when it comes to offering services and building a successful business

9. Understand that not everyone who is a member of your audience will buy what you are offering

Just because you have 2k engaged members of your audience doesn’t mean 2k people will buy your products or services

Understand that, you will need to find more people who will be willing to pay for your product or service

This is where Facebook advertising comes in and YouTube advertising

You want more people who need what you are selling to get it

10. People will pay

Right now, I am about to release my second video course on animation and it is a bit scary because you always ask “will people pay?”

If you have done your homework well, they most likely will

If we put out there fast enough , we get to answer this questions faster so we can tweak , learn and keep moving

Walk through your fear and best believe, if they don’t pay for this one, they will pay for the next one

All you will need to do is figure out why they didn’t pay in the first place then, tweak and learn

Have you started Monetizing your audience?

If yes, please share a tip or two to help the community

If no, why are you holding back ? Fear, not knowing what to create or how to start? What is your reason?

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