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I have been doing content marketing for a while now

10 months this April and I am still learning a host of things

One thing I know is having the right tools always makes it easier to handle

Content marketing is hard which is why I have started looking for ways that can help make it less time consuming

This is so I can focus on other parts of my business like monetization and collaborations as well as other ideas I want to bring to life

These are the tools that have helped make the process easier for me and, will help me make content creation less time consuming

1. Canva

This is the tool I use to create my Pinterest graphic and blog post graphics

I also use this to create graphics for my instagram stories, my live video posts and podcast posts

Canva Mobile has gotten a lot less complicated but, for the best experience, I use it on desktop

If it isn’t for something overly serious, I use my phone

I love their templates

2. Over

Over is great for creating article posts like I do on my instagram handle

The process for doing that I will share someday on my YouTube channel here

Use this tool if you want to have article slides like mine and easily edit them when you need to

3. Anchor

Want to start creating a podcast as well, this is your go to tool

I use anchor to record and publish my podcasts

While this tool still has a ton of buggy issues especially with their live call in feature, import features and also, their feature for two show hosts, it is great for podcasting on a one person show

Background music, interludes and music make up my fave part of the tool

I hate that I cannot see who is subscribing to my podcast or view deeper analytics

The tool also helps you publish to about 6 other platforms on the go

3. Mailchimp

This is the tool I use to manage my newsletter and email subscription for my lead generation tools

Now, I want to start releasing weekly emails again, this is the tool I will use and recommend

Their mobile version is now so easy to use

Need something less complicated, use revue

4. EDownloader

I don’t know how I would have created half my videos without this tool

The tool makes it easy for me to download movies, stock videos and YouTube videos that I want to use in my posts, video content and courses

Love it

5. YouTube Studio

While you still cannot edit your YouTube channel art and profile picture using this app, it lets you do other things

The app makes it easy for you to edit your YouTube thumbnails and descriptions directly from your phone

6. Apowerrecorder

sometimes , I would want to record my laptop screen and use the lesson for my DIY videos, this tool helps make that possible

The free version will only record free videos for 3 minutes after which, it will stop and you have to start another recording

Want something like this for mobile, try recirdit.

7. Google drive

I use this tool to send things like apower recordings from my laptop to my iPhone

I also use it to upload my books that I want to make into flipbooks for the bookclub

8. Pages

This iPhone tools makes it easy for me to create cheatsheets and e-books on my mobile phone

It doesn’t have a lot of features like Canva but, it is super easy to use and, you can add images , clickable links

9. Grammarly

This tool only comes to life when I am creating content for the blog using my laptop

It helps to highlight all the spellings I got wrong and sentences that need to be fixed while offering the correct spelling or sentence arrangement

It is free to use and works well to protect us from sounding like complete idiots

10. Affiliate programs

There are tons of affiliate programs that exist for content creators and bloggers

Follow these link to find some of them on my Pinterest board

Simply click on images with “Affiliate programs” on them and click on “Read it” below the image

I recently signed on to CJAFFILIATE because they have such good partnerships and reviews

11. Evernote

This tool comes in handy for planning out your content

You can note down content ideas in different categories

The tool also allows you to create different templates for goals and also, create a social media calendar on your phone

12. Whitigram

Ever read any of my content on my instagram handle @diamondokoh that I tagged “early morning read”?

This is the tool I use to do that

I can carefully screenshot articles and make them fit clearly for instagram using this tool

13. Fiverr

I know this is a website but, the services you can get off fiverr are iincredible

You can get a book cover designed, logo done, video edited and for very small fees

When I launched my digital magazine, I used fiverr for my design cover and it cost me roughly 5k

14.Post Scheduling Tools

I created a complete article on this here

You will find a ton of tools that will help you to schedule content on different social media platforms so you can focus on other things outside of content

For example, I want to schedule my Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts while focusing on growing my audience on these platforms and engagement

Lord knows, content creation isn’t tough and time consuming


Skitch is the tool I use to create guidelines like this one for my audience when I am writing articles

Basically, you make it easy for people to learn how to use something or how to sign up for your newsletter

it gives you symbols and arrows to use in pointing step by step guides for your readers or course students

Super useful tool

16. Audacity

Ever wanted to publish a podcast or video but the sound isn’t clean

Maybe there are bike sounds and cars honking, this tool will help you eliminate all of such sound

That way, you have clean audio

I teach how to use this tool here in the video shooting and editing master school where people learn how to use their cell phones to create videos high quality videos

17. Facetune

IF I ever need a quick image cleanup, this is where I go

There are a lot of apps for mobile photography, my free app ToolKit For Photography will give you 50 of them

But, Facetune does an amazing job

18. Places To Get Free Stock Images And Videos

The fact that I can create great Pinterest posts like this one

and really pretty pictures like this one for my blog is because I have these places

I also share in this article where I get amazing pictures of black people so that my graphics are more relatable

You can also find high quality stock videos in places like

  • pexel Videos
  • Shutterstock

These are the main places I go to get high quality videos for my posts

19. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the tool I use to get started with SEO for my blog

I am yet to upgrade when it comes to my plan but, I intend to

The idea for me is that I will start monetizing my blog independently from my services and products someday and this tool will help me grow the audience to do so

Want to rank on google’s front page, get busy with YOAST SEO

20. Regrammer

I am so in love with this instagram repost app because it is more than just that

The tool allows you to repost to other social media handles

Beyond this, it also allows you to save content gotten from instagram directly to your phone which I can decide to use for a million things

21. Launchaco

Ever want to create a landing page real quick on your phone for a new product or build a review page for your business, this is the tool to use

Launchaco makes it super easy for you to build a landing page in less than minutes

Yes, it’s free. They have a paid plan but, we are using the free plan for this

Watch this video I share on my YouTube video channel where I teach how to create a review lamding Page Using Your Phone In Less Than 15minutes

22. Fliphtml5

I run a bookclub of my own and create a ton of cheatsheets

But, I hate having to mail it to people every time I get a notification someone has signed up for a lead generation tool so, I use flipbook a to host it online

The tool will give your book an online link and turn it into a flipbook

That way, I don’t have to worry about sending stuff every 5 mins, it is now all automated

23. Paystack

This is the tool I use to collect payment directly by for products and services within Nigeria

They are very efficient and they pay you your money within 24 hours of transaction

You can set up subscription payment if you want or one time payment and have unlimited payment links for different products and services

24. Flutterwave

This is the tool I will be using to start collecting payment from countries like the USA and CANADA where I want to launch adverts for my products and services

Don’t know how to set this up, watch out for the DIY going up on YouTube on Wednesday.

This weeks own involves me showing how to set up Paystack , Flutterwave and Linktree

Flutterwave also allows you collect money from other African countries as well

25. Content generators

Whenever i run out of what to write about, I use these places as sources of help

Some places I didn’t mention there include unersuggest

26 Co-schedule headline analyzer

This is super helpful in helping one see how well a headline you want to use for your blog article will work

27. Co-schedule email subject tester

Make sure your email subject is one that gets people to open and click

This tool helps you calculate how likely that is to happen

28. Content Analytics Tool

This includes tools that help us track how well our content is doing

I am a big fan of measure, tweak , learn , repeat and these tools make that process achievable

Instagram analytics is one tool that helps me do that

I not only measure my engagement, I also measure my saves, website clicks , follows from different posts and the sort

It helps me understand which of my content category leads to what result

29. Flaticon

This website is where I go to get icons like these ones below for my graphics designs, videos and the sort

They have a ton of icons that are free and range from SVG to other kinds

30. Typeform

This is the easiest tool I have ever found for creating sign up forms

I love how interactive it is


This tool helps you remove watermarks from premium stock photos

It is free

Read more about it here

32. Bitly

Want to quickly shorten a link for your linktree or website or whatever, this is the tool to use

33. YouTube Free Music

Need more songs for your videos but do not want one that instagram will take down, you can borrow from here

Both for YouTube and other platforms

34. Smedian

This tool helps you send your articles to medium publications and also shows you the whole list of medium publications to go through

Want to grow your audience on medium, Start here

35. PDFescape

Want to create PDFs people can sign on, her e we go

The tool makes it very easy to create worksheets and interactive ODFs where people can fill in blanks and the sort

HAve my hidden tools you use that makes content creation easy ? share with a sister

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