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So, during one of my research looking for tools to enlist under new finds, I came across one of these tools for selling branded products and my mind was blown

As I kept digging, I found even more tools like it that will help you sell branded products on zero naira and with zero inventory

after hours of research, I came up with the three ones I believe most people use

At the end of this post, I will tell you which one is my absolute favorite based on my perception on them

Please, keep reading cause you will still want all the information on each one and exactly why I chose the one I did

What Exactly Do These Tools Do?

These tools make it possible for you to create and sell custom products from the comfort of your phone or laptop without owning any products or paying for shipping

They have no minimum order quantity or prices and 2 of them have no monthly charges

They also make it possible for you to ship worldwide with again, no stress on you to ship

Best part is, you can actually apply print on demand which means that, you only order them to produce when someone orders

Their shipping rates aren’t too expensive

Their delivery timeline is around 2-14 days for some although reviews for one says they could take up to a month on very rare occasions

They also use your own branded packaging when shipping your products

Who Can Use These Tools?

For most of these tools, their places of delivery is listed when you click on their “shipping rates” tab

There are over 30 countries listed for most of them including African countries

If you want to start a business but din’t Have a ton of capital, this works

You are a coach or provide services, you can also launch this

You are looking for a way to make money on the side

What Do I Need To Start Using These Tools?

An email address to sign up

Confirmation of your email address for most of them and your cell phone number

That’s it

How Do I UseThese Tools?

The different tools have different ways to set them up

I do not go over that in this article but as we proceed, I will share links and images to websites that show how to set them up

You can integrate these tools into your Etsy, Shopify and woocomerce store to name a few

The Tools Are

  • Printful
  • Printaura
  • Printify


This is the first tool I came across while I was looking for a tool for new Find

I was so blown away by what it can do and as I did more research, I saw that the brother isn’t alone

What I Love About Them

  • They have the fastest customer support I have received in a long time after Flutterwave. I tapped on their help chat area right here

I had answers in no time

  • Their website is really clean and easy to navigate though, I had some trouble editing fonts on a sweat shirt using the mobile device
  • They have variety of things they customize ranging from backpacks to mugs , dresses skirts to name a few but, in these categories are few designs
  • Their shipping rates are manageable but the best
  • They offer warehousing services: this means that you can send your products to them. They will warehouse it and when you get worldwide orders, they ship it out for you
  • Easy integration
  • They offer dropshipping

What I don’t Like About Them

  • Compared to the other platforms mentioned, they are expensive
  • They don’t have a slew of positive reviews especially when it comes to their quality, fabric and pricing. People use them but, review wise, they are a 6.5/10
  • Because of their high prices, most of their sellers have low profit margins

Bonus Point: Before you decide to use any of their products. Make sure to read reviews on it first


This is the second tool I noted down as making sense from all I found

What I love about them

  • They have the widest range of products on the list in all categories
  • They have a Pricing wizard that helps you set pricing thoroughly for your products
  • They are less expensive than printful
  • They also carry most of the features mentioned in the beginning of the article

What I don’t like about them

  • Their on-boarding process is so difficult and annoying . I spent roughly 35mins just to log in. Make sure to check your email address after signing up for your username and password, they give you their own password even if you choose yours. Don’t even bother re-setting password
  • Their website design : navigation was war. I still wasn’t able to get very far on their website and so, I decided to take a walk . Maybe if you try on a laptop, it will be less difficult

I was able to research some of their reviews and found this review page they have on trust pilot, I suggest you go through it before making your full decision


This is the last tool I stumbled on right before closing up research

Prinitify is a lot different from these other two print on demand tools because, it connects you to printers who will do the job

I believe they serve as the middle man, contacting the printers, sending in your orders and shipping them for you

What I love About Them

  • They have the best website out of all the options. Navigation is so easy and fast
  • Their rates for products and shipping are also super low . I would suggest you reach out to them via support just to confirm shipping rates to Nigeria and, the product rates are super affordable
  • Their customization area is incredible . I was able to do this customizations in barely 15 mins on their website

The mug was white before, I made them into these designs

What I don’t like About Them

Honestly, nothing yet

They have all the features I mentioned in the beginning and they are the only site I was actually able to use in customizing something on my mobile phone that didn’t suck

You should read this article just to gain more information regarding them

So, which should you choose ?

Understand that I am yet to launch my own custom brand store and will soon do so

I am only giving this based on which I would choose to try not based on my experience with them

I would absolutely choose printify

I enjoyed their website and their customer support articles were easy to navigate and read

I found it a bit difficult to find any reviews on them though

But, so far, if there is any I would bet on, definitely this tool

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