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I found this tool randomly and I absolutely love it

The tool works by making it easy for you to place your images for products, books, articles and the sort into mockups

For example, this is a screenshot I took of my website on my laptop

After using this tool, I was able ;place it into this image and give it life

See my blog in the abroad 😀

Automatically, the image feels way more real and content goes from a plain image to something more relatable

There are a lot of alternatives to this tool but this is the one I really loved

I love how this tool helps images look very professional

Here are examples of some images I came up with using this tool

This is a plain image for my podcast

This is the image of the podcast cover in a mobile phone screen mockup

You can use these images for social media, websites, landing pages to name a few

The best part of this tool is that the free version lets you have as good as 200 mockups

The name of the tool is

How To Use It

When you land on the website, this is what it will look like

Right there on the homepage, you can tap any image you would want to use for your picture

It will take you to an area with mockups along that line

For example, when I tapped on the brown and white cards, this is what came up

Move to the left part of the screen where you have the list with difference mockup types

Tap on the one you want to use, I tapped on desktop and this is what came up

I scrolled till I found this picture

If you see images with an unlocked padlock, those ones are the free ones and the ones with locked padlocks or written premium are the ones you have to pay to use them

After this comes up, tap on ‘upload from’ on the right side of the screen

This should come up

Notice the options with drop;box, and computer. Tap on where you have your image at.

I tapped computer because the image is on my laptop and notice the file box that opened up

Tap on the image you want to use and tap open, this should open

This is the place you crop the image to make sure it fits how you want

When you are done cropping, tap on the green button on the right and watch the image fit unto whatever mockup you chose

Watch how the image fits right on to the mockup

Once it fits right, you can tap on ‘download’ in the right area of the screen and you will get image quality options

Tap on which you want and it will download right to your phone or laptop

That’s it

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