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When I was running my first two businesses, I did not pay much attention to marketing.

I believed so much that our products would grow through word of mouth and so, I spent much of our money on product development

After I understood that your products will not sell unless they are placed in front of the people you created it for, I started working on our marketing but again, I failed woefully because I was thinking, run paid Facebook adverts and sales will come in

They did but, that isn”t the kind of marketing that brings results

Now that I am running TheStartupReport, I have come to understand that marketing just like business development or product development must happen with a strategy

This means that, there has to be a

  • Goal for actions to be taken
  • A well planned out series of actions to be taken
  • A metric on which results from such actions will be measured
  • Plans to learn what works, tweak and try again

Building a marketing strategy that works isn”t creating a video and running adverts .

I will explain the process as I have been implementing it, step by step below


The first step in building an effective marketing strategy is mapping out exactly what the goal of marketing is for you

If you do not have a goal, how will you measure if something works or if it doesn’t work

For example, my goal for marketing my website right now is to increase awareness for my website

I want more people to know this site exists

My goal for marketing the animation course is to generate sales for it , get more students on board


For example, the problem I am trying to solve when it comes to the animation course is “saving people who are still starting out money”, helping people who want to achieve financial freedom start that process”.

When defining this problem, look to the emotional needs of your target customers

For example, “to teach people how to create animated videos”will be the basic answer a lot of people will give as to why they are launching the animation course

In this case, the person is looking at the problem from the features of their product or service versus the emotional needs of their target audience for which they would want to pay for that product or service

What needs will push your target audience to buy from you?

Apple: The need to belong to a certain cadre of people

Walmart: the need to save money

Target: the need to belong without spending too much

Once you answer this question”what emotional needs drive my target audience to pay for my product?”, you will make writing a marketing copy easier to do


For example, people who take my video courses want

  1. Ability to access them when they want and how they want not be bound by time like a webinar or whats-app class
  2. Ability to understand and easily apply what they are being taught
  3. Ability to apply what they are being taught to their business

The first stage of defining this involves you putting yourself in your customers shoes

What would you want from a product or service like that if you were in their shoes

When I did this with the video shooting and editing masterclass, I mapped out

  1. I would want to get what I paid for
  2. I would want it to be easily understandable
  3. I would want it to actually be on my phone

The second stage is where you tweak to suit what your target audience actually wants

remember that the first time, you were writing based on what you would want from the product

The second time, you add and tweak based on what your audience is asking you during the buying process

Now, you will come back to this point later on after you have begun marketing to complete the process

If you can pay attention and tweak through this, marketing would be easier for you


Understand that there are a ton of other people in the world who are offering what you are offering

What makes you different?

There are ways to discover this

  1. You look at the things your target audience complain about that the larger companies are not paying attention to
  2. Look at the things your target audience are always asking for that no one is satisfying in that industry
  3. Look at the things the giants in your industry are doing poorly that you can do better
  4. Look at the possibilities that your industry can reach
  5. Ask your target audience

All the companies that are successful today from Google, Apple, Walmart to name a few started here

Sometimes, simply asking your audience what they want works

You can use interviews, surveys, questionnaires, whatever you choose to use in finding out what exactly your audience wants


Will you be using videos, emails, influencer marketing, collaborations. e.t.c

You need to define it

According to Foundr, this is called CHANNELS

For my animation course, I defined some of the channels I would use like

  • Email
  • Paid Facebook adverts
  • Existing clients
  • Affiliate marketing


This is the point where you start building your marketing compnoinets

If you want to use images, what will it be like

If you want to use videos, what will it be about

This is where things like the video courses become helpful because you can create your own script, shoot and edit the entire thing

In doing this, create a script that connects emotionally with your target audience

For example, as I write this, I am working on launching the animation course in a few days

Before doing this, I have to

  1. Create 3 video adverts for it
  2. Create 3 emails that I will send out for it

The reason for doing this is

  1. People will not hear you the first time: you have to keep saying something over and over again for them to hear you and sometimes, see you
  2. People may not take action on DAY 1 and sometimes, this will make us feel down. We need to keep showing up and doing the work regardless of how we feel and this makes it easier
  3. It is much easier to market effectively when you have carefully planned it out versus when you haven’t


launch your marketing campaign and start paying attention to results

As you keep marketing, how many people are taking the action you want them to take

Are they following? Are they buying?

If they aren’t doing this then, what are they doing?

Sometimes, we would want the goal of SALES but, the advert is creating FOLLOWERS

In such a case, look at it as “we found one thing that works , we need to find what works for our goals If the adverts aren’t working at all, the best thing will be to keep it moving

Try something else

Building out a marketing strategy can be a lot of work

It can also be a bit annoying because normally, we want to just get it out there and start marketing

It is important though that we have a well defined strategy to work with as this will make getting results a lot easier

Please, note that there is so much more to this but, this is what I am currently implementing that is working

The toughest part of building a marketing strategy is actually executing on it and seeing it to fruition

That is the hard part

Once you can do this, it is easier to see results

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