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Some of these tools I absolutely love

One of them my sister sent me and I was blown by what the tool can do

If you are like me and at that point where you are trying to really brand you content style, you will find this tool sup;er helpful

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Than ks a bunch, now we get in


This is the app my sister introduced to me and led me to love

The tool creates super cool story effects for your instagram stories

I love the designs it creates for instagram stories like this one

Best part, you can get a ton done on their free plan


Before I found mojo, this is the tool I was using for my stories

If you have a minimal content style you will love this app

It keeps everything clean using black and white alongside very simple pastel colours

You can create a batch of content using this app

It is also a free app

3. Storyart

Right after unfold, I found this app and it is a great one

It operates like unfold but, has a lot more designs than unfold and a lot more template options

It is also pretty easy to use

I don’t think it is completely free but, you can create amazing stories with this app

4. Scrll

This is one of the rarest apps on the market for content creation

I believe a lot of people tend to hide this tool because of how good it is

It has one free template pack and the paid ones that range from N 350-N700

I got the one of 350 to get rid of the logo and the different packs have different templates

An example of a story created with this tool is this one below

5. Canva

Canva is a great tool which is used for different things

I personally use it for my blog image posts, podcast posts, Youtube channel art, Youtube thumbnail art among a host of other things

Canva has a lot of awesome templates

Among them is the one for instagram stories and they are really good

Love them

6. Over

Over is a tool just like Canva but, it is a lot more mobile friendly

They have few instagram story templates but, I really love this tool regardless

Unlike many others, they have video and article templates for your instagram templates already blended together

The best part, you can resize the over basic background template to fit instagram stories or IGTV

7. Cutstory

A lot of people swear by the tool for instagram stories

A lot of bloggers and content creators use it but, I haven’t used it

The tool is said to cut your videos into different video clips and you can use it for instagram stories

I have tried down loading the app but, found it a bit complicated for me

Or rather, not easy to use

You might enjoy it

8. Mott

Mott is great for creating stories with animated text

An example of a video created with mott for stories is this one

I love the tool and yes, it is mostly free

I believe it has some paid tools but, not sure

9. Sparkpost

Adobe sparkpost app is also a well recommended tool for creating beautiful instagram stories

It works the same way Canva works but, I don’t know if you can add videos into spark post templates

I have never used this tool but, a lot of people thin k it is awesome so, I guess it is worth a shot

10. Clipomatics

This app works by turning what you say in your videos into texts in the video

Love the tool

This is an example of a video I created with this tool

I found it on this post by Later

If you are looking for more options and didn’t find anything that works well for you, this is a tool to consider

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