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It is very common place for clients to be reluctant with reviews

It’s like asking people to fill in forms or surveys 😩, for some reason, they just aren’t willing to do that

in this article, I will be showing you different ways you can collect reviews when you are in such a situation

1.Provide An Incentive That Makes Them Willing To Give Reviews

This incentive could be a discount on their next order, free delivery , a gift

I once read of an Amazon writer who gave people a rebate for going back to Amazon and reviewing his book

That pushed a lot of people to go back and drop a review

This could be anything but, ensure it is something that your target audience will love

2. Request Your Review Immediately They Get Their Order Or Finish Enjoying Your Service

Once a customer has moved on from us to their daily lives, coming back to give a review becomes hard work for most

The way I have found to avoid the “ I will send it in later “ line is , I request a review immediately after they finish my course or after we finish a coaching session

This is an example of me going in for that ask right after a coaching pricing session

For example, the pricing coaching session is a 3 hour session where I help starting business owners figure out pricing and ensure their business isn’t loosing money

Immediately after we are done with that 3 hours, the next thing I do is I request for them to send me an email review

I leave them my email address and give them a format to introduce the email

Example of some reviews sent in are these

An email review from one of my clients and email review is an effectice way to get reviews
An email review from one of my clients and email review is an effectice way to get reviews

I don’t wait until a few days to then ask

I have found that 100% of my clients who I ask immediately after the session when their blood is still hot are willing to give than those who have gone weeks taking my video shooting and editing course

3. Provide Them With A Quick Link To Go And Leave You A Review

sending them a link versus saying “ Please go to…” works better

When I was running my clothing store, people would rather just tap on a link and leave a review than have to navigate to a web page on your site or hunt for you on google

There are lots of tools you can use in collecting reviews from your clients

  • Facebook tools
  • google review tool

You can also use tools like trustpilot to build your review bank over time

4. Request that they send you video reviews

Some clients may not be big fans of typing but will be willing to record a quick 15 seconds video and send in

The way to do this is provide the option for your client to either send in a video or to write the review

Some would pick one or the other and others will offer to give you both

Some will also ask you which you prefer in which case, I always prefer videos

For example, this is a video review I got from one of my students on the video shooting and editing course

Hassan’s Review

I can always use this video for my landing pages and re-direct future students to watch it

5. Call and record the phone calls

In this case, you call your client and ask them If they can take out 2 minutes to give you a review right there on the phone

They may ask you to call them back, pick a time and do so

When you call, inform them that you will be recording the review and ask them to be completely honest

This makes it super easy for your client to give you reviews you can put up on your social media handles and website

You can even use audio reviews as a great way to make your brand stand out

One tool I would highly recommend for this is DINGTONE and i believe it is available for both iOS and android users

You would have to pay a small fee of 2-4 dollars to access their recordings feature but once you do, it is a no brainer

You can export the audio after it is done to your email address and use it

6. Ask Them For Their Reviews , e-mail address and full name so you can input it yourself

Sometimes, this is the only option you have

You can set up your review page using google or Facebook or trust pilot

Then, copy your customers review and sign in with their details to drop it and make that easier

This saves your client time and gives you the result you are hunting for

The key thing here is to always explain to the client what you will be doing with their information

These are different ways I have personally solved this issue in the past and ways I solve it now

How do you handle it when clients are too busy or reluctant to give a review even after saying the product is nice

Please share with the tribe

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