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So, I will give credit to whom credit is due , this tool was found by my best friend and sister

She had told me she was looking for a tool to help manage her sales so, she knows how much she has sold at the end of each week or month

Lord knows, I needed this

I started using it and this is a tool O highly recommend for small business owners and startups

The only reason I believe you need this tool whether you are in a service or product business is this

You want to know how much you have made in sales monthly and weekly

You know how you will be making sales and yet, when someone asks you how much you sold this month 🙄

You have zero clue and start a sentence with “ About” 😀

I have been there and I hate it

Why I love this tool?

It allows you to send out invoices to clients

This is what I love most because I can track how much I have sold every month based on invoices sent out

I just hit my first sale for May and guess what, Invoice has been sent 😀

Invoices also don’t take too long to arrive in your customers mail box

Easy to Navigate

The tool is super easy to navigate

I will be sharing how to use it and set up below but, you can get started using the tool on your own

They have a Nigerian Support Number

I haven’t come to the point where I need their support but, peep this email they sent me after I signed up

Love it .

If I try and I get “ number not reachable and it isn’t on a weekend “🙄

I will come back and write my feedback

Their Free Tool Works Well

It is easy to find a lot of stingy businesses these days that will say they are giving “free”

But, when you now try to use their free version 🙄

Empty vessel will meet your destiny

They will move all the features you need to their paid versions

This tool does the main thing it claims to do for a good fee

Their paid versions aren’t so expensive

Monthly charge is $3.99 or so

This I believe we can pay with joy if need be and free plan has no expiry date on it

The name of the tool is Loyverse And I Love it

What I don’t like about the tool?

The free plan doesn’t allow you add names of your clients to the invoice

And, the email gets sent with a Loyverse email address

I am an aproko 😀, which is why this is paining me but, if I were them, I would do thesame

Won’t they up-sell, monetize and market again 🤷🏾‍♀️

How To Set Up Your Own Loyverse Within 5 Minutes

First, download the app

I love their app on App Store

Android users, try and see. They must have a version for you

Step 2 : Register on the app

Once you tap on register , this will come up

Once you are done , tap on continue. This will come up

You will need to go into your email box answer activate your account

Once you tap on “confirm registration”, you will get this message

Once you get this , you will land on a page with two options , tap on “items”

Tap here

Follow the arrows in the images to navigate

After adding all your items, tap that menu button on the top left and tap on SALES

This will come up

A list of your product / items will come up

Tap on the one you need to add on the person’s invoice

I will tap on the video shooting and editing class

Note the change in number at that green area where you say “ open tickets”

As you tap on these items, the number in the green area increases

Once you are done, tap on the green area and this will come up

Tap on the method the person uses to pay

Add the email address of your customer who is getting the invoice and send it along

You will get this message once it is sent

There you have it

You can now set up your own

This will help you know exactly but how much money is coming in and leaving the business

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